CRA (Cammo Residents Association) - Planning Representation Surgery
Wednesday 12th June from 7 pm

St Kentigerns Church - the Main Hall
26 Parkgrove Ave  Edinburgh EH4 7QR

In view of the complexity of the LDP Proposal for West Edinburgh, the Committee has arranged to hold a Surgery where Committee Members will be present to offer assistance in the completion of your responses.

Copies of the relevant Planning documents will be to hand and there will be spare copies of the Representation Form should you require a replacement!

This could well be a rather busy event, so it would be appreciated if those who feel they’d like assistance had done some homework before coming along.   We are there to help but NOT to make up your mind for you … (convince you possibly but bully you NO!).

Cammo Residents Meeting to establish the CRA (28/5/13)

Summary of Attendance, Agenda, Key points of immediate concern, decision regarding membership charges, election of Committee and decisions on immediate actions to be undertaken.

First meeting of CRA (Cammo Residents Association)

Little bit about the early meetings and the underlying reasons..

So what should I do now ……..

Information and guidance have been popped through your letter boxes during the course of the last 10 days.  

This contained a blank Representation Form together with the ECC Guidance to Completion.  
There was also an introductory letter from the Association which included more specific guidance on the issues relating to Cammo.

If you have not already done so we suggest that firstly you read the covering letter and go through the Issues guidance making note of which of them you feel you wish to make a response to.
Secondly, if you have access to the Internet, it would also be useful to browse the LDP Proposed Plan document (first item on the Further Information page on this site).  If you have no access to the Internet, and therefore can’t access the Plan, you could contact one of the Committee for assistance.
Lastly, write out your responses, making sure that it will match up with the Representation Form requirements.

Please remember that the deadline for the submission of Representations is
5 pm on Friday 14th June.

15th June 2013                              CRA Press Release

CRA issued a Press Release relating to the LDP Plan Proposals on the 13th June.  This was picked up and run in the Edinburgh Evening News on the 15th June.

Clearly this is only one of the many concerns expressed by local residents.  
CRA will not lose sight of the remainder!  They will all form the foundation for the development of a long term strategy aimed at ensuring that the concerns are expressed in the most appropriate manner, at the most appropriate time.

ARCHIVE from 4th June