11th June 2013                 Cammo Residents Association issues a Press Release.

CRA committee member responsible for PR, Sally Chalmers, to-day issued a Press Release aimed at raising the profile of the likely Transport and Traffic implications of the LDP Proposed Plan for housing at Cammo and Maybury.

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15th June   This story was run by the Edinburgh Evening News and the page may be viewed by clicking HERE.

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19th June.  The story was run again in the Evening News, albeit with a slightly different take and a rather inappropriate photograph (given the story headline!).  Click here to view

25th June 2013                            CRA Response to ECC comments on
                                                   Edinburgh Evening News story of 19th June

Addressed to Edinburgh Evening News - Letters to the Editor column


Edinburgh City Council’s complacent responses in the Edinburgh Evening News to residents’ legitimate concerns about gridlock at the Barnton junction and lack of consultation with local communities (Edinburgh Evening News, 15 June 2013 “Residents fear gridlock if housing gets go-ahead” and 19 June 2013 “Homes plan puts us up the junction”) are indicative of their failure to balance responding to planning directives with listening to local communities.

Our concerns are prompted by Local Development Plan proposals for some 700 houses at the Barnton end of the Maybury Road.
Your articles quote a Council spokeswoman stating that they believe their transport actions are adequate and that there has been extensive consultation. We dispute both of these.

The Council has not offered any detailed transport modeling nor any independent technical advice in relation to road and junction capacity nor road safety audits.
Their transport appraisal was carried out some 3 years ago.
The proposals also contravene current government policy in several areas, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing accessibility by foot, cycle and public transport.
We have no confidence in the Council’s analysis.

On the assertion that there has been extensive consultation I would point out that the Cammo fields site’s designation was changed from “alternative” to “proposed” after the 2010 plan came out, reducing the opportunity for interested communities to submit their views.

The City Council needs to provide more detail, back up their proposals, stop serving developers’ profit margins and fully engage with the local people they are elected or employed to represent.

Gary Bennett


Cammo Residents Association