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About this Association

Membership of the Association is open to all residents of the Cammo and Strathalmond Area of Edinburgh.

A contribution towards the running costs of the Association is requested and this currently stands at £15.00 per household.

The Association is governed by a Constitution and, with the agreement of the body of the formation meeting, the Committee has compiled and approved an appropriate Constitution.  

This was approved by the body of the membership at the AGM in 2014

The Cammo Residents Association was formed at a meeting of residents of the area on the 28th May 2013.

The agreed aims of the Association are:

At this meeting volunteers and/or nominations were sought to form a Committee.  In the event, nominations were not required since the requisite number of positions were filled by volunteers.

A committee of 7 persons was elected by the meeting comprising a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and 4 committee members.

Membership Application Form

The Association Committee agreed that a Web Site be set up :
-  To provide a first point of contact for members of the association;
-  To simplify and guide members to the multitude of information sources which relate to Cammo;
-  To ensure and improve communication between the Association and its members.

That’s why we built this!!  We welcome constructive comments and suggestions.