SESplan, the Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland, has been preparing a Main Issues Report as a forerunner to our next Strategic Development Plan.
The Main Issues Report sets out issues and options on how to plan for future growth in the region. It is a consultation document and is the primary opportunity for everyone to influence the next Plan.

The Strategic Development Plan is an important planning document as it is used to inform Local Development Plans in member local authorities. It focuses on long term strategic level planning matters that cross local authority boundaries such as housing, economic growth, green networks and infrastructure.

The Main Issues Report will be taken the SESplan Joint Committee on 29 May 2015 for approval and subsequent ratification by the SESplan member authorities. The Committee papers including the Main Issues Report and its supporting documents are available on the SESplan website Joint Committee folder (

Once approved and ratified, the consultation on the Main Issues Report will run from 21 July to 15 September 2015. During this time consultation events will be held across the SESplan area.
More information on events and your opportunity to comment will be available on the SESplan website shortly.
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1st January 2015

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

May all your peaceful endevours bear fruit and, to quote from a well know Scottish ballad,

Noo let us hope oor years may be

As guid as they ha'e been,

And trust we ne'er again may see,

The sorrows we ha'e seen.

And let us wish that ane an' a'

Our friends baith far an' near,

May aye enjoy in times tae come

A hearty guid New Year!

Twas never more true than this …………..

7th January 2015

Edinburgh Evening News Article ….

We believe that the EEN have got the wrong end of the stick ……… Scottish ministers have called in applications from the local planning authorities.  In fact the appeals mentioned had all been delegated for Reporters to determine.

All, with the exception of Cammo, were appeals at an advanced stage.

It is possible that the ministers are concerned at the approach that reporters and planning authorities are taking to ‘sustainable developments’.

The SPP says that the development plan will be deemed to be out of date in relation to housing land policies and that there will be a presumption in favour of of sustainable development where there is a shortfall in the 5 year  housing land supply.
However this does NOT mean that planning permission will be automatically be granted for any site nor does it mean that  all existing planning policies will be deemed to be ‘out of date’.

Clearly, we, CRA, have a lot of work to be done to establish which ‘planning policies’ may or may not be deemed ‘out of date’ or which may be deemed to be seeking to protect particular features of the landscape and therefore will NOT be out of date.

It all sounds like a case of who can pay for the most legal advice wins.

This is NOT meaningful consultation as intended by the planning system.  It puts control of the development of Edinburgh and environs in the hands of those who seek only profit and, with intent, excludes those who have valid objections.

Read the article for yourselves.  


 Alex Neil undermines democracy

Edinburgh Evening News

Response by Alastair Shields to the article of 7th January

8th January 2015

13th January 2015

Directorate for Planning & Environmental Appeals.

A Notification from Edinburgh City Council was sent on the 9th January 2015 (we believe to all those who lodged submissions to the Planning Application by HFM ref.  14/01776/PPP) .

This notification gave an Appeal Reference Number of 14/00149/NONDET presumably indicating that the appeal was based on Non Determination, by the Council, within the statutory 4 month limit.

This being so it raised the question, why was a second, amended application lodged on the 6th November 2014 which was sufficiently different as to require a public re-consultation which took place over the 21 days ending on the 5th December (later extended to the 9th December).

Bear in mind that the Appeal for Non Determination was lodged on the 4th December !!

Confused ?  I’m not surprised.
We know that the appeal must relate to the first application - this is where the 4 month period comes from.
No one seems able/prepared to tell us what will happen to the Second application (which had not reached the point of being debated far less decided upon).

Now we have the Scottish Minister for Housing declaring the HE will make the decision on this Application, together with a number of other applications.

We are given to understand that this is in the interest of speeding up the planning process and presumably ensuring that the recently introduced SPP policy of “a presumption in favour of development” bears fruit.

This has been described as “kick starting development” …………  
We sincerely hope this does NOT mean kicking the consultation process (and by definition, outcomes that do not support developer demands) into submission.

Application 1
Consultation &
Determination Period

Application 2
Consultation &
Determination Period



Scottish Minister takes over
decision making.


Jan 2015

Consultation declared irrelevant




HFM Appeal

Planning Authorities & Reporter emasculated.


We are advised that ANY further written submissions must be sent
to the DPEA by the 23rd January.

We are given to understand that ALL Submissions already made to the Application 14/01776/PPP WILL BE PASSED TO DPEA for consideration.

However, as with all assurances, we are seeking proof positive (i.e. written confirmation) that this is and will be in fact the case.

If you did NOT make a submission to the Second Planning Application, then this is an opportunity to do so now.

The address to which submissions should be sent is shown below:

Directorate for Planning & Environmental Appeals
4, The Courtyard,
Callendar Business Park,

Ministerial Involvement.

We are also seeking assurances that ALL submissions passed to DPEA, either from the public Consultation Process on BOTH the original AND the amended Planning Application AND any written submissions made directly to DPEA  WILL BE PASSED TO THE MINISTER.


Since this whole planning issue has now become highly politicised, pressure must be applied to ALL MSP’s , Alex Neil included.

They must be made fully aware of serious concerns that decision making appears to have been taken out of the hands of Local Authorities and their planning departments.

Furthermore they must be reminded that the Planning System defines the requirements for consultation and involvement of local communities whereas, with ministerial involvement, there is no definition of the process nor is there any understanding of how those consulted can become further involved in the process.

So ………  WRITE, EMAIL all MSP’s expressing your concerns.

Make good use of Twitter - politicians pay great attention to this element of the social media!

15th January 2015

Guidance on Appeals Process.

I have been advised by one who knows that I should have looked at this guidance BEFORE putting pen to paper !!

So the following is a link to the Planning Appeals circular issued by the Scottish Government in 2013.

It is a 29 page document covering all aspects of the appeals process.

It certainly helps to explain the way in which appeals are dealt with and, for me, is a very good start in improving my understanding.

I hope it will do the same for you.Read It Now

I quote part of the introduction to this document:

People Make the System Work

5. The primary responsibility for the operation of the planning system lies with strategic development planning authorities, and local and national park authorities. However, all those involved with the system have a responsibility to engage and work together constructively and proportionately to achieve quality places for Scotland.
This includes the Scottish Government and its agencies, public bodies, statutory consultees, elected members, communities, the general public, developers, applicants, agents, interest groups and representative organisations.
EC  (Order of importance perhaps?)

6. Throughout the planning system, opportunities are available for everyone to engage in the development decisions which affect them. Such engagement between stakeholders should be early, meaningful and proportionate.
Innovative approaches, tailored to the unique circumstances are encouraged, for example charrettes or mediation initiatives. Support or concern expressed on matters material to planning should be given careful consideration in developing plans and proposals and in determining planning applications.
Effective engagement can lead to better plans, better decisions and more satisfactory outcomes and can help to avoid delays in the planning process.

7. Planning authorities and developers should ensure that appropriate and proportionate steps are taken to engage with communities during the preparation of development plans, when development proposals are being formed and when applications for planning permission are made.   
Individuals and community groups should ensure that they focus on planning issues and use available opportunities for engaging constructively with developers and planning authorities.

15. The SPP sets out how this should be delivered on the ground. By locating the right development in the right place, planning can provide opportunities for people to make sustainable choices and improve their quality of life. Well-planned places promote well-being, a sense of identity and pride, and greater opportunities for social interaction.
Planning therefore has an important role in promoting strong, resilient and inclusive communities.
Delivering high-quality buildings, infrastructure and spaces in the right locations helps provide choice over where to live and style of home, choice as to how to access amenities and services and choice to live more active, engaged, independent and healthy lifestyles.

16. Good planning creates opportunities for people to contribute to a growing, adaptable and productive economy. By allocating sites and creating places that are attractive to growing economic sectors, and enabling the delivery of necessary infrastructure, planning can help provide the confidence required to secure private sector investment, thus supporting innovation, creating employment and benefiting related businesses.

Quote from Scottish Planning Policy …

We shall see what this all means in reality.

Public consultation and its outcomes - simply a hindrance to profit taking and unconstrained development?

But do remember ……. No-one GIVES you anything for free.  
If you don’t fight for what you want and believe in, you are dead in the water.

We, the people. Do NOT forget

So PLEASE Speak Up

1.     This circular covers the requirements of the Town and Country Planning(Appeals) (Scotland) Regulations 2013 – SSI 2013/156(The 2013 Regulations)1. These bring together amendments made previously to the 2008 version of these regulations and make a number of further amendments. The 2013 Regulations came into force on 30 June 2013.2.

2.    The 2013 Regulations set out the detailed statutory requirements for appeals within the framework of the primary legislation contained in the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 as amended  (the 1997 Act) and the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997 as amended(The Listed Buildings Act). They also set out the procedures for dealing with applications called in for determination by Scottish Ministers under these Acts.

14th January 2015

16th January 2015

LDP2 -  Decision Time !

We understand that a decision on the proposed LDP2 by the City of Edinburgh Council planning committee will be heard on February 26th 2015.

We are also led to believe that Cammo (HSG19) will remain in the proposed LDP.

We therefore need to ramp up our Objection campaign to ensure that ALL councillors and in particular those on the Planning Committee are, again, reminded of how strong the objection(s) are on this issue and to demand that the Cammo Field designation be confirmed as “GREEN BELT” and therefore protected from development.

The CRA Committee are currently working on a detailed strategy for this and wherever possible will be liasing with other groups who are equally opposed.

Advice and guidance should follow shortly, so please watch this space !!

20th January 2015

Second Local Development Plan - Opposition

Since this issue rests with the Planning Committee our advice is that our campaign should focus
on Councillors and on the Planning Department in particular.

To this end we shall be hand delivering a flyer giving pointers together with a list of the contact details for ALL Councillors, regardless of their ‘colour’.

This information will also be posted on this web site as soon as the document has been finalised (within the next 3 days) - we know that many folk living outside the boundaries of Cammo and Strathalmond would be adversely by many of the LDP proposals and this is the only way we have of reaching them.

We can not emphasise enough that, to have any influence on the outcome, there has to be a massive response from as many people as is possible.
In the game of blame politics, he who does not complain is deemed to have agreed.
Abstention (OPTING OUT) is classed as acceptance !!  (Say nowt … get nowt)


City Planning should NOT be for the sole benefit of Developers (and Council finances)
but MUST be for the benefit of those who have to live with the results (not just now but forever).

Remind them that they were elected to REPRESENT CITIZENS and NOT private developers.

What CRA said in their opposition to the second LDP ?


PLEASE do NOT confuse the Second LDP with the second Planning Proposal by HFM for Cammo Fields.

They are quite separate issues.

The Approval for the Second LDP is within the remit of City of Edinburgh Planning Committee.

The approval or otherwise of the first and/or the second Planning Application for Cammo and its associated Appeal rests with the DPEA  and the Reporter but may be over-ruled by the Scottish Minister - Alex Neil - so the outcome is far from certain and objections have to target MSP’s.

21st January 2015


I am sure that you are by now aware that this Planning Permission Appeal has been referred to the DPEA for their adjudication by a Reporter (who will not be named until a decision has been reached).

Also, as mentioned a number of times over the last few weeks, Alex Neil (Scottish Minister) has ‘called the appeal in’.  This means that he alone will make the final decision.  
It is reasonable to assume that this is all to do with ensuring that the Scottish Planning Policy edict of “presumption in favour of development” bears fruit.

It appears that developers are firmly of the belief that the Minister will rule in their favour regardless of any local concerns over transport, roads, health facilities, schooling and the environment.
Local democracy ?        I fear that, as ever, money will rule despite all the Planning Policy declarations of ‘sustainable development’ , ‘consultation with communities and local groups’, ‘the right development in the right places’, et cetera, et cetra ……….

Also of great significance is the issue of “prematurity”  in relation to the overarching Local Development Plan which has not yet been ‘approved’  -
Quote from the Scottish Planning Policy :

“Where a plan is under review, it may be appropriate in some circumstances to consider whether granting planning permission would prejudice the emerging plan. Such circumstances are only likely to apply where the development proposed is so substantial, or its cumulative effect would be so significant , that to grant planning permission would undermine the plan-making process by pre-determining decisions about the scale, location or phasing of new developments that are central to the emerging plan. Prematurity will be a more relevant consideration the closer the plan is to adoption or approval”.


If we are to have any influence over the outcome then we MUST express our concerns in the strongest possible terms.

If we fail to do so then we will have agreed that we accept all the resultant traffic gridlock, congestion, pollution, lack of medical facilities and schools, lack of social support services like libraries, health & leisure facilities.
NOT just for now but FOREVER.

Of the greatest concern is the apparent belief  that the cumulative effects of multiple developments need not be considered.

Cammo Residents Association have prepared and are delivering a flyer - a Call For Action - giving an outline of the key points of objection together with contact details for Mps, MSPs and City Councillors.

We urge you all to let them know your views.
Appeal to them to represent you and fight on your behalf to save Cammo fields from development.

Read It Now

26th January 2015

The Great Awakening has started …………….  We hope.

On the 25th January, STV News Scotland published the following article titled :

“Planning system is 'skewed in favour of developers', charity says”

Scotland's planning system is "skewed in favour of developers" who can successfully challenge refused planning applications while the communities that object have no such right of appeal, a charity has complained.

The odds of halting an unpopular development "are stacked in favour of developers", who can appeal when they are rejected but face no further public obstacles when they are approved, the John Muir Trust said.

To read the full article for yourselves …

Cammo Residents Association - Garry Bennett  Editorial Comment.

Want to see this ……………….

OK but only if you subscribe to advertising first .  No answer = no article. (NOT our decision I must add)

Freedom of the press ?  HoHum …… support Virgin or get no news.

That is NOT what we expect from a local Newspaper.  Perhaps I should say “I expect”  because maybe most of you don’t care about the intrusion of advertising into the the reporting of “news”.

Shame on you Evening News - I really had higher hopes of your independence.

If you want to read the article you may have to click on the maximum discount whether or not you believe it to be true.   So how would you judge the analysis of this poll?  Meaningless perhaps ……………..

It is up to you ………. BUT regardless it is worth a read ……… this link has NO advertising attached.  

Read It Now See Our Copy

27th January 2015

Traffic versus Development.

Macro Planning - focus on the wee picture - 1 house at a time perhaps?
We’re All in this Together …………… sorry but that’s not the way the system works.  

10:30 on 27th January 2015.

Standing traffic on Maybury - up to 3 hours wait time - cause : accident on Maybury Road.
Both North and South bound traffic flows affected.

Maybury Road
              - Barnton to Southfield roundabout has ‘emergency lane’.
              - Southfield to Maybury junction does NOT have a similar lane.

Had there been a simultaneous major incident at Edinburgh Airport or on the A8  - flying emergency vehicles?

Yet it has actually been suggested that Maybury Road could be re-classified as a minor road presumably to avoid ‘excessive’ congestion mitigation costs.

Joined up thinking …………

Planning Mystery ……  chaos more like.  Interesting read though

Edinburgh Evening News

2016 Headline News -

Edinburgh Airport Emergency landing postponed due to excessive road traffic congestion.


And this was NOT at rush hour!

Maybury - a minor road …  yeah right!

And this is without the proposed 2000 additional houses planned for the area.

9th February 2015


HFM  Planning Application Appeal.

We, the CRA Committee, have been active in keeping up the pressure on both Local Councillors, MPs and MSPs.

We have been careful to acknowledgie the fact that the CEC Planning Committee have been ‘side lined’ by the Scottish Ministers decision to Call In the developers Appeal.

Whilst this appears to move the whole debate, and its outcome, to a Scottish Government level, it DOES NOT mean that we simply capitulate.

MSPs, and their decisions, remain accountable to the voters and in particular to those whose lives are likely to be adversely affected.

I am emailing you, as a member of the Edinburgh City Council Planning Committee, to seek your support for our campaign to save Cammo fields from housing development. I would in particular draw your attention to the following:

· Cammo has been identified for housing in the Local Development Plan 2 which is due to go to the Planning Committee at the end of February.

· Developers Halliday Fraser Munro have appealed against Edinburgh Council’s failure to make a decision on their proposal to build 670 homes on the Cammo fields. It has since been announced that Scottish Housing Minster, Alex Neil, will personally decide on their appeal. The CRA Committee is very critical of these latest developments.

Our main arguments are noted below. Please can you let me know your position on this issue and how you will seek to support us in our campaign.

Cammo Residents Association

Edinburgh City Council should protect Cammo from housing development and the developer’s appeal should be rejected.

To Edinburgh City Council we assert:

· More houses in Cammo will produce gridlock at the Barnton junction marooning residents, especially if, as proposed, Cammo Walk is closed to traffic.

· More traffic increases air pollution

· More traffic makes the roads that we have to use to get to shops, work and school more dangerous, putting our residents, including children, at risk.

· There are other sites which should be considered, many of which are brownfield. The proposed Gogar Garden District, for example, could largely provide the housing required until 2024.

· Birds and other wildlife on the Cammo fields will be adversely impacted.

· Landowners and developers should not dictate what happens to our lovely city. The City Council should listen first to residents.

· As there is no house-builder involved in the Cammo proposal it is likely to be at least 3 years before any houses are delivered. Building on Cammo will therefore make little if any contribution to current shortfall in housing supply. The Council needs to go for sites which are ready for development. Cammo is not.

· Cammo is within the Edinburgh Green Belt and so there is a strong presumption against development in the Local Plan and SESplan.

In respect of the developer’s appeal we argue:

· A decision on the future of Cammo being taken at Scottish Government not City Council level undermines local democracy and the proper plan led decision making process.

· As far as we are aware no other housing development in Scotland of the scale proposed at Cammo has ever been granted permission without first being allocated in the development plan. It would therefore be wholly unprecedented to grant planning permission for this site through this appeal process.

· Determining the Cammo proposal in isolation ignores the important cumulative impact that the range of housing proposals across west Edinburgh (over 4000 homes) will have on our roads, health facilities, children’s schooling and environment.

· The transport, environmental and social impacts of the 670 home Cammo proposal make it unsustainable. Sustainability is a key plank of Scottish Government Planning Policy, so the appeal should be rejected out of hand.

It is imperative that those determining the future of Cammo know about local concerns and legitimate objections. The CRA Committee is doing all it can, submitting representations, contacting local politicians and through social media, but we need your help.

To that end, the following email has been sent to all members of the CEC Planning Committee.

A similar email has been sent to all MPs and MSPs.

14th February 2015.





Cammo Residents Association have prepared a Flyer asking for one last big push to ensure that the CEC Councillors are yet again made aware of the strength of our objections to inclusion of the Cammo Fields in the LDP (2) .

Approval of INCLUSION of Cammo fields in the LDP will almost certainly lead to a decision in favour of the developers when the Reporter makes his recommendations to the Scottish Minister.


A copy of the Flyer is shown below.
There is also a PDF copy available should you wish to print it out for yourself.

This flyer will also be hand delivered to residents in the Cammo and Strathalmond area very shortly.



February 2015

Say No to houses on Cammo fields – more action needed!   Cammo Residents Association @Cammo_Residents #savecammofields

Our last flyer asked for your support in urging Scottish Housing Minister, Alex Neil and other local representatives to reject an appeal made by the Cramond and Harthill Estates c/o Halliday Fraser Munro against Edinburgh Council’s failure to make a decision on their proposal to build 670 homes on the Cammo fields.  Thank you for your action to protect Cammo fields.

We all now need to make our voices heard again.  On 26 February the Local Development Plan (LDP) 2 goes before Edinburgh City Council’s Planning Committee.  We have been told that Edinburgh Planning’s view is that the developer’s appeal to the Scottish Government effectively prevents the removal of Cammo from the LDP.    

It seems that power is being taken away from the local community and local representatives and put in the hands of developers.  

We must do all we can before 26 February to ensure that our representatives are aware of the strength of feeling.  We can still stop development on the Cammo fields - nothing is decided yet – but we must all act now.  

Please write again to our local representatives (see list below) telling them that their action in seeking to remove Cammo from the LDP is a key consideration for you and that you expect them to act on your behalf to save the Cammo fields from development.  Here are the CRA Committee key messages::

A decision on the future on Cammo should be taken at local level.  Allowing this decision to be made at Scottish Government not City Council level  undermines local democracy

Determining the Cammo proposal in isolation ignores the important cumulative impact that the range of housing proposals across west Edinburgh (over 4000 homes)  will have on our roads, health facilities, children’s schooling and environment.  

This approach also ignores alternative development sites, many of which are brownfield.  The City Council needs to look at these options.  In particular, the proposed Gogar Garden District could largely provide the housing required until 2024.

The transport, environmental and social impacts of the 670 home Cammo proposal make it unsustainable.  Sustainability is a key plank of Scottish Government Planning Policy, so Cammo should be immediately removed from the LDP.   

It is imperative that those determining the appeal know about local concerns and objections. The CRA Committee is continuing to do all it can to get Cammo removed from the LDP.  We are submitting representations, contacting local politicians and creating noise on social media, but we need your help.  

Please contact those overleaf.  Let them know your views.  Appeal to them to represent you and fight on your behalf to save Cammo fields from development.

Local councillors:

By post to: The City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ.  By email to the addresses given below:

Norman Work (SNP Group)   

Lindsay Paterson (Conservative Group)  (also standing as a candidate in the 2015 Westminster election)

Alastair Sheilds (Liberal Democrat Group)

Edinburgh City Council Planning Committee members:

By post to The City of Edinburgh Council, City Chambers,  High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ.  By email to the addresses given below:  

Councillor Perry, Convener of the Planning Committee, (Labour)

Councillor Howat, Vice Convener of the Planning Committee, (SNP)

Councillor Bagshaw (Scottish Green Group)

Councillor Blacklock (Labour)

Councillor Brock (SNP)

Councillor Cairns (SNP)

Councillor Child (Labour)

Councillor Dixon (SNP)

Councillor Heslop (Conservative)

Councillor McVey (SNP)

Councillor Milligan (Labour)

Councillor Mowat (Conservative)

Councillor Robson (Labour)

Councillor Rose (Conservative)

Councillor Ross (SNP)


This flyer is available at with electronic links to help you email quickly and accurately.

Please Note:  clicking on any of the blue underlined email addresses will take you to an email editor screen.

18th February 2015

Edinburgh Evening News Article

“Anger as council decision postponed until after the Election”

An interesting and rather disturbing article.

I Recommend reading it carefully !!

It does appear that the Housing Minister is now running the planning decisions  for Edinburgh.
Were I a cynic (oh, heaven forbid) I would suggest that this is a way to ensure employment for life !

There has been no explanation as to how the Prematurity Clause of the Scottish Governments own Scottish Planning Policy will be brought to bear in this issue.
Perhaps it is a case of, MY rules I decide.
Hardly democracy …………

In case you are unaware, I replicate below the relevant Clause of the Scottish Planning Policy (the basis or CRAs’ very first Legal Challenge to LDP Version 1).
And it is even more relevant now.

“Where a plan is under review, it may be appropriate in some circumstances to consider whether granting planning permission would prejudice the emerging plan. Such circumstances are only likely to apply where the development proposed is so substantial, or its cumulative effect would be so significant , that to grant planning permission would undermine the plan-making process by pre-determining decisions about the scale, location or phasing of new developments that are central to the emerging plan. Prematurity will be a more relevant consideration the closer the plan is to adoption or approval”.

Need I say more …..  ?
Doubtless both the Reporter and the Minister will be fully aware of this ………………………..

19th February 2015

CRA Press Release …  what we said

see Evening News for what was actually printed.

I quote below the full text of our response to an approach by the Evening News:


The Cammo Residents Association has fought long and hard to get the Cammo fields removed from the LDP.
We believe that we have made that case.
Cammo is not an appropriate place for development. The road infrastructure is inadequate and the environmental and social impacts are unacceptable.
There are better alternatives - including the Garden City.

Further delay in determining the LDP is unacceptable. The Council needs to act now and stand up for the residents of Edinburgh who they are supposed to represent. While the LDP remains unconfirmed developers will continue to submit plans to build on greenfield sites like Cammo and we risk ad hoc development spoiling our beautiful city.
We need a co-ordinated and proper approach. Developers should not drive this process.
The Council must take control and must be allowed to do so by the Scottish Government.

We are being told that the Council cannot now remove Cammo from the LDP even if they wanted to because of the developers' appeal to the Scottish Government.
This is not acceptable.
Who is driving development in Edinburgh?
It sounds very much to us as if it is the developers.
That's not right and it is not democracy.
Stand up for us Edinburgh Council and Scottish Government.
Reject the appeal, take the Cammo fields out of the LDP but get an LDP passed so that we can be confident about all our futures.


Evening News article - 19th February …

And yet another article.

I confess to having considerable sympathy for the Planning Committee in this case.

You are in the process of trying to make a decision, based on incomplete information, and have sought this missing information.

The developer meanwhile decides that, since his FIRST application was not decided upon within the requisite time scale (even though that was due to his not having provided sufficient information) and, despite the fact that he has already submitted a second application, deemed to be different enough to warrant a second round of consultation, he will go to Appeal on the first application.

Obfuscation abounds I fear.

And the planners ………..  Well and truly sidelined.
After all we do NOT know what they may have decided in the case of Cammo and now we will never know.

Now we are even less confident that a non-partisan decision will be arrived at.

Local democracy overcome by confusion.
Oh what a pretty pass we have come to ………

5th March 2015


An emergency motion was taken by the Conservatives to the Planning Committee last week, after the LDP was removed from the agenda (attached).

The motion called for the LDP to be brought to committee within 14 days as the current state of limbo is unacceptable.

The Convener of the Planning Committee did not accept the Conservative emergency motion.

This issue is discussed in an Evening News article ………….

Read It Now

You may already be aware that there have been a number of break-ins in west Edinburgh in the last few weeks.
The incidence of these seems to have increased greatly and the police advise everyone to be extremely vigilant. Cammo, Barnton and Cramond seem to have been particularly targeted.

The thieves seem to be after cars as well as smaller items. Keep your car keys well hidden and if you have spare car keys put them somewhere they will not be found. The advice is just common sense, if you are out leave lights on, don’t tell any more people than necessary if you are going to be away on business or holiday.

One family were burgled the night they left for a two week holiday so the thieves had been made aware somehow that the house would be empty.

If you hear a house alarm contact the police immediately, don’t assume it is a false alarm!

Take care

If you are uncertain of the steps you can take to improve your home security then …. CLICK HERE FOR ADVICE.



…if I see something suspicious in my area, or want more advice about bogus callers?

• Contact the police on 101.

• Try and take a note of vehicle details or registration numbers, and descriptions of anyone suspicious.


…if I feel threatened, unsafe, or suspicious of a caller?

• Contact the police immediately on 999

Remember …. Your bogus caller may be someone elses’ burglar !!

8th March 2015

PROPOSED WEST CRAIGS DEVELOPMENT - ON GREEN BELT  - Approval recommended by Planners !!!

The Planning Application - 14/03502/PPP is due to be before the Planning Committee on the Wednesday 11th March.

If this application is granted it will be in breach of the current Local Development Plan and the Rural West Edinburgh Plan, both of which designate this area as Green Belt.

It appears that we,once again have a prime case of “Prematurity” since, if approval is granted, it will set a precedent not only for West Craigs but also for Maybury and Cammo.


What is of equal concern is the ‘mitigation’ proposed for traffic congestion ………….
NO Right Turn at the Maybury Junction.   
So ALL Traffic, including heavy vehicles from the Airport Cargo facilities, MUST go
North up Maybury Road to the first roundabout, turn 180 degrees and come back South to the Maybury Junction.

Someone obviously believes in the theory that, to achieve order, one must first create chaos.
Having created chaos, someone else will have to fix it !!!   Yeah - right !

This is NOT Planning …. It is CAPITULATION to developer demands and bears little relationship to the results of local consultation.

It further supports the widely held belief that Local Consultation is a sham, undertaken only as a gesture to the stated planning regulations, and that the results of such consultation are be ignored whenever necessary in submission to developer demands.  


To be effective this MUST reach the members of the Planning Committee BEFORE 10am on Wednesday 11th March.

If you wish to know more of this proposal, see below:

Indicative Plan;

Transport Statement

CEC Development Management Committee Minutes (2014)

And, for ALL documents relating to this, see the Planning Portal for reference 14/03502/PPP


Friday 13th March 2015

Oooh dear …. Friday the 13th  

We have it on good authority that the Scottish Minister, Alex Neill, has APPROVED one of the contentious Planning Applications called in by his office.

Is it therefore inevitable ( as suggested by the Evening News article) that other ‘called in’ appeals will also be approved ?

Who Knows …… apart from the Minister.

However, if the Appeal Process results in Planning Application Appeals being automatically approved by the Minister, where does this leave the whole Planning process, including the Public Consultation.

It would appear that, contrary to the concept of a democratic process and devolution of powers, we  have an imposed Ministerial  judgement based solely upon a centralised control of the whole planning system.
The “WE WANT” syndrome ….. And stuff the locals.
It is presumed, not unreasonably, that any judgement made in this fashion also confers the obligation to ensure adequate provision of all associated social and environmental requirements upon the authority making this decision.
In other words the Edinburgh Council should not be held accountable for their inability to meet the demands of a decision imposed against their wishes.

Humm ………. Perhaps this is a step too far.
Ministers may not be held accountable for their decisions since there is a presumption that other (local councils) will ‘fix it’.  And, if they don’t, then it is not our fault.  (The presumption in favour of development!!!!)

Now there is a thought when considering who to vote for in May !!!!!!!!!!

11th March 2015

Proposed West Craigs Development.

It appears that the Planning Committee have refused this Application pending the provision of more information from developers.

Seems as thought we have been here before !!

Insufficient information leads to delays …….. Time runs out on application  …………………..  Developer goes to Appeal.

Scottish Ministers make decision based on THEIR view of what Edinburgh SHOULD be like - a HUB or just a snarled up traffic jam where mobile phones have to be a substitute for office space.  Perhaps they should all try working from home ??
Residents ……………. Who cares - they are not going to move no matter what - they can’t afford it anyway.

All a bit ironic since it was Scottish Ministerial intervention that decreed the ‘required’ housing numbers regardless of the ability of the local planning system and the environment  to comply.  
And, having done that, they further increased their demands for even more housing.

Oh dear …… do I sound like a grumpy old man ……….. Too right!  

Quote from Mike Crockart  (MP)

One of the applications being considered was for outline planning permission for 250 homes at West Craigs which is just one of the areas earmarked for development around Maybury and Cammo. Thankfully the application was refused, although having watched the full meeting it was clear that this was a tactical move designed to bring developers to the negotiating table to improve their offer.

The situation in the west of Edinburgh is intolerable and we have not been well served by our councillors on the planning committee. Having included areas in Maybury and Cammo on the Local Development Plan, they have now put off final decisions yet again until after May. This has allowed developers to appeal to the Scottish Government and you will have seen that Alex Neil MSP called in the Cammo application in January. Other local politicians seem to accept a local planning issue being decided by a Scottish Government Minister rather than by local councillors in consultation with local residents. I disagree.

I am even more worried today because yesterday that same Minister over-ruled the Edinburgh councillors’ decision to refuse development on the greenbelt to the south of the city in Edmonstone. This sets a dangerous precedent which means we need to campaign even harder to save those green areas under threat in the west of the city.

11th March 2015 - Scotsman - Education Provision Shortfall ….

Things have been quiet on the Planning front since the decision by Alex Neill (Scottish Minister) to call in the Cammo Planning Appeal by HFM .

As you are doubtless aware his decision will be made public sometime after the 14th May by which time Edinburgh Council Planning Committee will (may) have made their decision on the second version of the Local Development Plan.

However there continues to be debate in the Press on the whole issue, and links to a number of the articles are shown below:

11th May - Scotsman.

11th May - Evening News

This is an interesting article although until the evening of the 14th May we can only hope !

Also there will always be the possibility that putting it in the plan does not guarantee that anything will actually be taken OUT ….

CRA will be sending a deputation to the Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 14th May to put our case for Cammo to be removed from the LDP.

Our grounds for this have already been stated on innumerable occasions both here and elsewhere.
Since it appears that there will be questions from Planning Committee members, what our deputation will actually say remains under wraps so to speak.

There will be other deputations present, who will make submissions on their particular area of concern.

To the best of our knowledge the deputations are:

Cramond and Barnton Community Council  - subsequently withdrawn

Cammo Residents Association Committee

Moredun 4 Multis Residents Association

Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden


30th April 2015 - Evening News

Power of crowd funding

28th April 2015 - Evening News - Brunstane


5th May 2015 - Evening News

14th May 2015

The proceedings of the Planning Committee meeting of the 14th May are now available to view on the CEC Webcast site at

The CRA deputation was led by Sally Chalmers, a member of the CRA Committee, who made an excellent presentation of our submission speaking against the inclusion of Cammo Fields within the Local Development Plan, and urging the Committee to enact the removal of Cammo Fields from LDP2.

Regrettably the Committee voted to approve the recommendations in the LDP report but added an amendment to indicate to the Planning Reporter that the Council ‘sees merit’ in the representations made over various proposed housing sites including Cammo and Maybury.

So, for the meantime, Cammo Fields is IN the LDP.

The Final Decision now lies with the Scottish Minister ……………. And as you are doubtless aware, from here on we are in the big money stakes.  
To paraphrase “money, money, money - it’s a rich mans world …” where developers will always win out
UNLESS Ministers are truly prepared to support those whom they were elected to represent, and who ultimately pay the price of private profit.

CEC Planning Committee - Decision on adoption of LDP2

13th May 2015

LDP2 Approval and HFM Planning Appeal.

Since the Planning Committee have ‘approved’ the LDP2 which includes Cammo Fields, the big question is whether or not the Scottish Minister, Alex Neil, pay any heed to the Planning Committees Amendment which “sees merit” in the CRA submission and, if so, what he may choose to do.

Contingent on this there is the decision on the HFM Planning Appeal.

One would imagine that,were he to see sufficient merit in the CRA submission, he might be moved to a judgement that was more in our favour.
Aah well …….. We can only wait (for enlightenment perhaps?)

If he waves the LDP2 through, then we really are in for a long fight.

15th May 2015


Edinburgh Evening News

Perhaps co-incidentally on the 14th May, there was an article hailing the start of construction of a 9 acre RETAIL PARK at Chesser Avenue, on a site that had been granted planning permission for 550 HOUSING units in 2009 but which had lain derelict ever since then.

The change of designation took place in 2013 ……………  and the Local Development Plan calling for more housing was when ??    Housing down from 550 to 114 of which 80 will be ‘affordable’ council units.

The original housing plans were unviable ?……………  not profitable enough ? …. Did not offer a satisfactory Exit Strategy ???    All very strange.

No wonder citizens are confused.

25th May 2015

CRA Appeal to Scottish Minister on Cammo Fields Planning Appeal etc.

Version 2 of the Local Development Plan having been approved by the Edinburgh City Council Planning Committee on the 14th May has now been passed to the Scottish Minister for final approval by the MSPs.

Essentially this means that, from the 14th May onwards, Local Councillors, the Planning Committee and the citizens of Edinburgh have no means of formal appeal to the LDP and its content.  
We are thus reduced to attempting to influence the Scottish Minister to find in our favour AND to to exert a similar influence on the MSPs .

TO READ the Letter sent to the Scottish Minister by the CRA Committee on behalf of the CRA membership

Scottish Construction Now!

Edinburgh Evening News


And even the Industry press are commenting, although perhaps in frustration ?  ….

27th May 2015


If you would like to read the updated Main Issues Report only - click         READ IT NOW

28th May 2015

CRA Appeal to Scottish Minister on Cammo Fields Planning Appeal etc.

The Reply from the Minister ……………………….   READ HERE.

Well, not a lot to be said really.  
At least he is reminded that CRA are still here, still active and are not going to go away anytime soon !!!

CRA have also written to the Chief Planning Officer for Scotland attaching a copy of our letter to the Minister and seeking his expert guidance on how we can further engage with the Planning Process.

To view a copy of this letter ….  Click on READ NOW.

The following is an information email from the Strategic Development Planning Authority.

As you will see it gives advance notice of yet another round of Public Consultation commencing the 21st July and running until 15th September.

As with ALL Consultation opportunities, CRA will be involved in preparing and submitting an appropriate response on behalf of our Membership and the local community.

When the time comes we will be asking that you all do your utmost to support us by making your own individual submissions.   We will of course do our best to make sure you have the necessary information.

7th June 2015


Alex Neill, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights (hereafter referred to as “the Minister”), has decided to refuse planning permission in principle for what has become known as Cammo Fields.

The Reporter essentially recommended in favour of the developers position.
The Minister however did not accept the reporter’s findings on the issue of prematurity.

Furthermore they do not accept the reporter’s overall conclusion that harm to the emerging LDP is outweighed by the advantage of the scheme.

A letter to this effect has been copied to us (Cammo Residents Association) and this may be viewed by clicking on       READ THIS NOW

In addition the Reporters’ submission to the Minister may also be viewed from here, but be aware it is a lengthy document and if you are not on broadband, could be slow to load.


We must however be wary of great rejoicing - the Local Development Plan has yet to be ratified by Ministers later this year.
Should the plan go through unchanged (i.e. with Cammo included), then the whole business of submission of Planning Applications, delays, appeals and so on will certainly start all over again.

Right now, the only thing standing in the way of approval of planning permission is the LDP !!

The CRA Committee are in the process of developing a strategy to most effectively carry forward our opposition to the Local Development Plan.

We are also looking to comment upon the Reporter’s findings in the Planning Appeal since there are a number of issues of concern which we intend to raise with both the DPAE and the Scottish Minister.

We will of course keep everyone up to date with the developing situation.


Evening News ……………

20th June 2015


The AGM will take place on Wednesday the 1st July 2015

Location :  St Kentigerns Church Hall,  26 - 28 Parkgrove Avenue

Time :  Meeting commences at 7:30 pm prompt.

The Association Membership will already have received email notification of this meeting and the reasons behind our decision to delay the AGM date.

Members will also receive, in advance of the meeting, a copy of the Minutes of the 2014 AGM together with a copy of the Association Statement of Account for the year up to end of May 2015, in addition to a copy of the Agenda for this meeting.

Association Flyer for June 2015

In so far as possible, we are in the process of delivering an information flyer to each household in the Cammo, Strathalmond and Pinegrove area reminding folk that :

The rejection of the HFM  (Cramond & Harthill Estates) appeal to build up to 700 houses on the Cammo fields is only the first small victory in what will doubtless be a long and protracted fight to preserve a credible degree of sanity in the whole planning process.

This means that our focus of activity MUST must be directed at the Local Development Plan (version 2) where examination of the issues raised in all the representations (by ourselves and many others) will commence.

Those of you who made representations to the LDP during the Public Consultation phase will have already received advice of this from the Planning & Building Standards department of the City Council.

In that communication there is an Internet Link to the Second Proposed Local Development Plan from the Council web site.

This is the link

Ref :  PPA-230-2134

As mentioned on the 7th June, CRA have been hard at work compiling a credible and well founded critique on this document.

There are many areas of contention, the majority of which have a significant impact on the credibility of the document as a whole and therefore on the conclusions of the Reporter and on the recommendations made by him in his submission to the Minister.

This critique will form the basis of a rebuttal which will be sent, under appropriate cover, to the DPEA, the Scottish Minister, the Head of Planning for Scotland, the Convenor of the Planning Committee and to MSPs and local councillors for West Edinburgh.

We believe this is of importance since if it goes unchallenged, the content of the report could well be used to support further attempts to circumvent the planning process.


23rd June 2015

LDP2 Approval and associated Capital Coalition Motion

CRA were very concerned to ensure that this Motion, tabled and passed at the Planning Meeting of the 14th May which approved the LDP2 had in fact been incorporated BEFORE the approved LDP was rendered into the tender care of the Scottish Ministers.

Accordingly we wrote to the Director of Planning seeking assurance that this had happened.

To see the CRA Letter to the Director of Planning      READ IT HERE

We have now received a reply confirming that the Motion had been incorporated by amendment of Issue 7 (Housing Sites in West Edinburgh).                          READ THIS HERE

The Schedule 7 may be viewed on DPEA web site at :  and going to Page 20 .

We do not know if the Capital Coalition Motion had any bearing on the Scottish Ministers decision to dismiss the HFM appeal on behalf of Cramond & Harthill Estate (PPA-230-2134).

Regardless we believe it is essential that we take advantage of every opportunity to register our continued involvement and to make our valid concerns as widely known as possible.

Read It Now Read It Now Before 26th February Link seems to be broken .. HeyHo the wonders of  modern science … Read It Now Read It Now Read It Now Read It Now Read It Now !

4th July 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on the 1st July in St Kentigerns Church Parish Hall.

The meeting was well attended, given that July is well into the holiday season.
The formal proceedings went smoothly and with no dissenting voices raised the Minutes of the previous AGM and the current statement of accounts were proposed, seconded and passed.

The committee reported to the meeting on the work done over the last 12 months on behalf of the membership and  summarised the responses and outcomes of this.

There followed active open discussion of both the current position that we find ourselves in and possible actions to be considered when planning a strategy for future actions.

The meeting closed with a reminder by the Association Chairman of the importance of ensuring that those who make the decisions and all those who may influence them are continually reminded that they have a duty to those they were elected to represent.

8th July 2015


Planning Application by HFM on behalf of Cramond & Harthill Estates  Ref: 14/01776/PPP

This application was subject to appeal to the Scottish Minister.

This Appeal was rejected and the Planning Application refused  (Scroll down to see 7th June news).
The significant reasons for refusal were (1) unresolved traffic issues and (2) prematurity in relation to the ‘emerging’ Local Development Plan.


This was approved by Edinburgh City Council Planning Committee on the 14th May of this year.
Cammo fields remained in the plan at this stage BUT a Motion recognising that the Cammo Objections had merit was incorporated before submission to DPEA.

The Plan was then submitted to the DPEA and a Reporter appointed.
The Reporters submission and recommendations (Examination) are awaited and will not be known until the issue is passed back to Ministers.

According to the published timetable for the Local Development Plan, this is likely to be November 2015 with Adoption planned for by April 2016.  [ See Page 8 of the LDP Scheme via link below ]

CRA Annual General Meeting

A copy of the LDP of May 2015 is available on the Council web site   GO THERE NOW

The Scheme (information & timetable) for this LDP may be viewed from HERE

Interesting (and worrying) article by PARIS GOURTSOYANNIS in the Edinburgh Evening News of the 8th July.

“Developers behind a controversial greenbelt housing project in the south-east of the city want to double the number of homes in the area”

Thank goodness someone is keeping an eye on the goings on …..

BEWARE large file !

18th July 2015

So you think it is busy now and surely can’t get much worse ?

Sorry, think again.      And planners, planning authorities and politicians still seem to think it makes sense to approve development in a piecemeal fashion?

Aah, sorry. I forgot - intelligent traffic lights.   That’ll fix it.

Fife ‘to become Edinburgh suburb’


Edinburgh Approves First LDP Greenbelt Housing Development.

Interesting ………….

Conclusion of article says “ Edinburgh’s LDP was submitted to the Scottish Government for approval last month.”


The dates of the local hustings for the SNP nominees looking to stand as the SNP candidate for the Holyrood Elections in May 2016.

Another opportunity for Cammo questions to be raised (please)

And then there is South & North Queensferry ………………  

The nominated candidates are (in surname alphabetic order):

Toni Giugliano

Colin Keir

Richard Lewis

Alison Lindsay

Alasdair Rankin

Graham Sutherland

Jamie Szymkowiak

The Dates and Locations :

HUSTINGS START ……….. Meetings at which candidates in an election address potential voters.

Sunday 19th July 7.30pm

At St John the Baptist Church,


37 St Ninian’s Road,


EH12 8AL

Tuesday 21st July 7.30pm

At Queensferry Rugby Club,

Dundas Avenue,

South Queensferry,

EH30 9JN

Friday 24th July 7.30pm

At Drylaw Parish Church,

Groathill Road North,



Wednesday 29th July 7.30pm

At The Munro Centre,

6 Parkgrove Street,


2nd August 2015


The following has been sent to all our membership and also to those on our ‘contact’ list.

Cammo Residents Association

UPDATE to members


You may recall that the Appeal by Cramond & Harthill Estates against City of Edinburgh Council, regarding the application for 670 houses on the Cammo fields was called in by Scottish Ministers.
Then the Reporter found in favour of the appeal, but this was not accepted by Scottish Ministers, who refused the appeal.

Since then, the landowners, Cramond & Harthill Estates have marked an appeal to the Court of Session, as they are entitled to do by the relevant legislation.
The appeal papers have been served on the Association, and on a number of others, including some members, but rather oddly, not on the Community Council. The respondents (opponents) in the appeal are named as Scottish Ministers and the City of Edinburgh Council.

We have written to both respondents asking them to confirm that they will indeed oppose the appeal, and support the decision of Scottish Ministers.

If the appeal is successful, it is our understanding that the matter will go back to Scottish Ministers for a new decision.

Should that be the outcome, we will provide assistance to ensure that all aspects of the original appeal, and the Reporters findings and recommendations, are properly assessed, to allow a further refusal.

In all the circumstances, the Association has decided not to enter the court action.

We do not consider that our intervention would achieve anything, and indeed may only result in considerable cost to us, with the further possibility of an award of expenses against us, should the appeal succeed.

Individual notified parties are of course able to come to their own decisions in this regard.

In parallel to the court action, the Local Development Plan 2 remains as proposed by the Council in May, and has gone to a (different) Reporter.

The Capital Coalition’s proposal, that Cammo comes out if Scottish Ministers refuse the (original) appeal, has been put forward by the Council. We await developments.

Please be aware that up until now we have been able to engage fully in the planning process at some cost but with no financial risk to either the CRA Committee, the organisation or its membership.

This latest appeal could change all that and so we must be aware of this..


Edinburgh Evening News carries yet another sad tale of ‘money over merit’ and the apparent futility of local consultation to have any moderating influence on the unbridled desires of developers and land owners.


SESplan Main Issues Report Consultation - 21 July to 30 September 2015

SESplan, the Strategic Development Planning Authority for South East Scotland, would like to invite you to take part in the consultation for our Main Issues Report.

The Main Issues Report is the first stage in preparing a new Strategic Development Plan for the South East Scotland City Region which covers the council areas of City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, Scottish Borders, the southern half of Fife and West Lothian.

The Main Issues Report is a planning document which covers issues such as the locations for growth, the number of houses needed, strategic infrastructure and the environment. It presents a series of issues and options and asks questions about how to meet current and future planning challenges.

We would encourage everyone interested in shaping the future of the region to take the opportunity to tell us what you think.

The consultation runs from 21 July to 30 September 2015 and we will be accepting representations through the SESplan Consultation Portal during this period.

You have received this email as you are already registered on the SESplan consultation portal.

Access to the portal requires your username and password. If you need a reminder of your username it can be requested here and a new password here.

For an introduction to the Main Issues Report document, we have produced an Easy Read Guide which provides an overview to the key themes.

The Main Issues Report and the Easy Read Guide are available on the SESplan website, in local libraries, planning authority receptions across the region and at the SESplan offices: Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston, EH54 6FF.

We have also produced a series of supporting documents including the Interim Environmental Report which can also be found on the SESplan website.

We will be running a number of different consultation events across the SESplan area. For the most up to date event list please check the SESplan website or contact us on the details below.

If you require further information or have any difficulties using the portal please contact the SESplan team on 01506 282883 during office hours or email we will be happy to assist you. You can also follow us on Twitter @SESplan or like us on Facebook.

Yours sincerely

Ian Angus
Strategic Development Plan Manager
SESplan, Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston EH54 6FF


The  following was received by CRA on the 21st July 2015.

This is one of a number of Consultation Opportunities where participation can influence longer term developments and in particular those affecting the Edinburgh Area.

We would encourage participation ………………….

Friends of Cammo

 will be there as well.

A great opportunity to meet us        Talk with us ……  
    perhaps even join us  !!

6th August 2015

Jobs, Homes and Investment: Where, Why and How?

Main Issues Report - Consultation

SESplan launched the public consultation on Main Issues Report on the 21 July 2015. There are still a range of events taking place across South East Scotland and we are encouraging people to come along to find out more and give us feedback on the big planning issues in your area.

Upcoming Community Events

Aimed at Community Councils, Community Groups and anyone looking to find out about the Main Issues Report. These events feature an presentation on SESplan, what are the Main Issues are followed by workshop based discussion. Please email SESplan ( if you want to attend.

Upcoming Drop-in Events

Aimed at everyone who wants to find out a bit more about the Main Issues and have a chat with officers. Come along at any time on the time and date shown. No prior confirmation required.

Seminar Theme Events - AGENDAS NOW AVAILABLE

Events about the wider challenges and solutions rather than about SESplan and the Main Issues Report itself; these three events are aimed at the development industry, investors, house builders, social housing providers and those with interests in active travel, energy, town centres or green infrastructure.
Advance booking essential though

More Information

All events are free but some require advance notification or booking. SESplan can be contacted during office hours:, 01506 282883 or on Facebook and Twitter @sesplan.

Formal responses to the Main Issues Report will be accepted until 5pm on Wednesday 30th September on the consultation portal

For an introduction to the report please read our Easy Read Guide or download the Main Issues Report in full.

The following communication has been promulgated by the SESPlan authorities.


The SESPlan serves to inform the creation of Local Development Plans.
This consultation and the outcome of the process will influence the NEXT Local Development Plan.

We have all been very concerned by the content, presentation, consultation and final outcome of the process for LDP2 (currently under consideration by a DPEA Reporter) and so we should perhaps pay more attention to the SESPlan by participation in  the consultation process.


1st September 2015

5th September 2015

PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND   -   Sunday 6th September

EVENT AND ROUTE INFORMATION - Barnton, Cramond and Davidsons Mains

To some this Sunday's Pedal for Scotland event will bring colour and excitement to others frustration and challenge. To many perhaps confusion as to what it will mean for our locality in terms of impact on our ability to get out and about. Since I arrived back from holiday late on Wednesday I have been trying to find out more about impact, especially on access to roads and traffic.
I would refer you all to this e-mail trail and to the link to the Pedal for Scotland website.

The main event concerning those cyclists participating in the 50k Classic Challenge starting in Glasgow will see the cyclists emerge from Braepark road and turn left or northbound up Whitehouse Road before turning right or east along Gamekeepers on to Cramond Road North and up towards Davidsons Mains before crossing the Queensferry road onto Craigcrook Road and proceeding over to Murrayfield.
This will result in road closures to north bound traffic on Whitehouse Road from Braepark up to Gamekeepers and closure to eastbound general traffic along Gamekeepers.
I say general traffic for it is proposed that the 41 will proceed largely unaffected by the event except it will travel eastbound along Gamekeepers before turning north down to Cramond.
See Lothian Buses website.

Southbound traffic on Whitehouse Road to the Barnton junction will be open and stewards and police will be around at the peak times to help vehicles wanting to turn on to Whitehouse Road from roads such as Avon Road and Essex road.

There will also be cyclists completing the Wee Jaunt from Kirkliston who will exit from Braepark to head towards the path between the golf courses and up towards Davidsons Mains before crossing Cramond Road South (near the Tescos).

A lot of activity hitting the area with peak times likely to be from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
More leisurely cyclist will continue to be seen thereafter.

There are TWO events taking place on Sunday 6th September.

The first and ‘main’ event is the 50K Classic Challenge (Glasgow to Edinburgh).

The second is the Wee Jaunt - Kirkliston to Murrayfield
The Wee Jaunt provides a fantastic (and almost entirely traffic-free) route starting from Kirkliston Leisure Centre and ending with the experience of crossing the finish line inside Murrayfield Stadium with the rest of the Pedal for Scotland Classic Challenge and Big Belter riders.

For even more information

Below is information PROVIDED BY Ian Williamson, Secretary, Cramond and Barnton Community Council.


EDINBURGH CITY – (08:00hrs to 15:00hrs)

The following closures will be in place for the duration of the above hours in Edinburgh City:

Eastbound Closure of: Winchburgh Main Street, Stirling Road (Kirkliston), Main Street (Kirkliston), Burnshot Road

Full Closure of: A90 Slip Road to Cramond Brig Toll, Brae Park Road

Northbound Closure of: Whitehouse Road

Eastbound Closure of: Gamekeepers Road

Eastbound Closure of: Cramond Road North

Southbound Closure of: Cramond Road South, Quality Street, Craigcrook Road, Ravelston Dyke, Murrayfield Road

Full Closure of: Riverside Crescent.

14th September 2015

TOPIC: School Streets – Cramond Primary School


A total of 11 primary schools, including Cramond, have been selected to pilot the school streets concept. The main aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of traffic on the streets around school entrances and so increase the number of pupils walking and cycling to school and reduce the fear of being involved in a collision. This school is to be part of Phase 1 with a start date of Tuesday 22 September 2015.

All motor vehicles will be banned from the streets during operating hours, unless they either have a permit or are one of a permitted group.
The scheme will operate during school terms from:

                                     Mon-Thurs:              08.20-09.00 and 14.45-15.35

                                     Fri:                              08.20-09.00 and 12.10-12.40

School Street Area

This scheme covers Cramond Bank, Cramond Crescent, Cramond Terrace, Fair-A-Far Shot and Gamekeeper’s Loan – Appendix 1 shows plan



There are also a number of vehicles which will be eligible to display a School Streets permit:

• Vehicles owned/kept by a resident or local business of a school street

• Healthcare workers, e.g. GP, doctor, nurses, health visitors

• School – one permit will be issued to each school to be used for emergency situations by a staff member

• Carers providing care at home on behalf of the Council or NHS Lothian – this includes carers directly employed by the council or by private contractors operating on their behalf.

A copy of the permit is attached on appendix 3 – forms and guidance notes have been sent to all residents, information is also available on the Council’s website on the Parking Permit pages. The permits are free and will be valid until the end of the pilot in February 2017.


The scheme will be enforced by Police Scotland; they have the powers to issue a £60 fixed penalty

notice. It is not currently decriminalised, so cannot be enforced by parking attendants.



This is of importance if you either live in or travel through the Cramond area adjacent to Cramond Primary School particularly since the pilot scheme will run for 18 months.

The following is an extract from the Guidance note issued by  ?? And provided to us courtesy of the Cramond & Barnton Community Council.

The printable version of the full document can be found HERE
Please note that the document came without links or appendices.

Further information on Permits can be found  HERE




Event Notification from Edinburgh Leisure

Please find attached the flyer for our forthcoming Older People’s Day event celebration on Thursday 1st October 2015.   
To see the Flyer click   

The event will take place at Meadowbank Sports Centre from 12.30pm – 4.00pm and will include:

- Information stalls

- Demonstrations

- Discussion / info corners

- Tea Dance

- Get Up & Go awards

Over 400 older people attended the event last year, so please spread the word!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or contact the Ageing Well office on 0131 4582183.

We are really looking forward to the event and hope that you can join us.

Anita Jefferies
Ageing Well Manager
Direct: 0131 458 2158



Cramond & Barnton Community Council will have a stall covering the work being taken forward in the area in support of people with dementia and their carers and including the project to develop the forget-me-not garden and drop-in centre at Lauriston Castle.

SESplan Main Issues Report Consultation closes
5pm Wednesday 30 September

We wrote to you previously to advise of the consultation on the SESplan Main Issues Report and to advise of the many consultation events which have been held over the last few months.

SESplan are now reaching the final few days of the consultation and would like to remind everyone to submit their responses on the Main Issues Report no later than 5pm on Wednesday 30 September.

We would encourage everyone interested in the future of the region to submit their views on the issues. Comments on the Main Issues Report will be used to inform the next Strategic Development Plan and future planning documents over the next twenty years.

Responses should be submitted using the SESplan Consultation Portal which can be accessed here:

There is no need to answer all of the questions and there is no word limit imposed on responses.

Users who have saved comments in draft must ensure all comments have been formally submitted as a response by consultation close.

If you need assistance accessing, registering or using the portal please contact the SESplan team on 01506 282883 Monday to Friday during office hours or email

We look forward to receiving your responses.

Kind regards

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Issued by Strategic Development Planning Authority


Significant changes are proposed for parking in Edinburgh.

This will affect ALL residents who use a car to travel around the City.

To find out what is proposed :

DROP-IN SESSION - Wednesday 6th October - Drumbrae Library Hub - 11am till 1pm.

For more information and how to have your say …………..see below

A consultation is underway on parking in Edinburgh.

The draft parking action plan sets out a range of actions and was approved by the Transport and Environment Committee on 25 August.
The main actions include:

· The extension of parking controls to cover weekends/Sundays and into the evening

· The roll out of shared use parking places

· The introduction of visitor permits in the city centre

We want to know what you think about the parking proposals to ensure the Council makes the right decisions about parking in Edinburgh.
Once you’ve read the proposals, please fill in the
questionnaire .

Drop in Events

Community - Monday 28 September from 2 – 5 pm, in the City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh

Business - Monday 5 October from 11.30 – 2.30 pm in the Consort Suite, Roxburghe Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

Further information and a full list of local drop in sessions and engagement events is available on the Council’s Consultation Hub at

Please forward this email to any contacts that you feel would be interested in making their views heard on the proposals. The consultation is open and you can feed back until 31 October. We look forward to hearing from you.

Parking Action Plan Team

Parking Operations  
Traffic & Engineering  
Services For Communities  
The City Of Edinburgh Council  
249 High Street  
Edinburgh  EH1 1YJ


Here is an opportunity to find out more.

So it is not just the Green Belt that is under threat ……

23rd September 2015

To read all that has been said on this proposal


25th October 2015


The article in the Scottish TV NEWS  further confirms what has been known for quite some time.

Sadly it also highlights the apparent lack of any urgency to do something about it.

Co-incidentally City of Edinburgh Planning department dismissed the Planning Application to build a new supermarket on St Johns Road, right in the centre of Corstorphine, on pollution grounds.

Scottish Construction News report.


Scottish Government - Cleaner Air For Scotland strategy launches on 4th November 2015

We understand that the Cleaner Air For Scotland (CAFS) strategy will launched on 4 November 2015  in Edinburgh.  

The published aims are :

This Air Quality Strategy sets out air quality objectives and policy options to further improve air quality in the UK from today into the long term. As well as direct benefits to public health, these options are intended to provide important benefits to quality of life and help to protect our environment.

The full document may be viewed using the following link:  CLEANER AIR FOR SCOTLAND

30th October 2015

SESplan Main Issues Report - Comments Published Online

…. all comments submitted to the SESplan Main Issues Report consultation can now be viewed on the SESplan Consultation Portal.

You can access the Portal at .
To read comments select either the blue ‘Read document and view comments’ button or use the ‘All comments’ tab which will allow you to sort comments by date or keyword.
Where any additional information has been supplied to accompany a submission this can be viewed on the
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SESplan are currently reviewing all comments received and will take these into consideration when preparing the next Strategic Development Plan. ​
Details on the preparation of the next Strategic Development Plan are available on the SESplan website.

If you have any questions or require assistance viewing comments please contact the SESplan team on 01506 282883 Monday to Friday during office hours or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Scottish Government Review of the Planning System

The Scottish Government have recently announced a review of the Scottish Planning System. The review aims to achieve, a quicker, more accessible and efficient planning process in order to build investor and community confidence in the system.

For more information please visit the Scottish Government’s website:

Please note the review is separate from SESplan's Consultation work.

Kind regards,



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SESPlan Consultation.

I can do no better than quote from the SESPlan notification as below :

6th November 2015

Our ref: LDP-230-2

04 November 2015




ISSUES 5-13, 19 and 20

We wrote to you previously regarding some requests for further information regarding the above plan and the possibility of a hearing session(s). The reporters appointed by Scottish Ministers to examine the unresolved issues in respect of the above plan, have now decided that two hearing sessions are required to gather further information on certain matters relating to Issues 5-13, 19 and 20. No other issues relating to the plan will be considered at these sessions.

The reporters consider that they do not need any further information from you in relation to these hearing sessions. As a consequence, you are not being invited to take part in the hearing, although you are welcome to attend and observe.

The hearing sessions will be held at The Orchardfield, DoubleTree By Hilton Edinburgh City Centre, 34 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AF between 10am and 5pm on 18 and 19 November 2015.
The venue has disabled access but please let me know if you have mobility needs or any other special requirements.

The written statements referenced under responses to further information requests 1, 2 and 3 along with the hearing agendas and other information shall be made available for viewing on the DPEA website:;

The reporters have asked me to assure you that they already have a full copy of the representation you sent to the council, and this will be taken into account when reaching their conclusions. If you submitted a response to the further information requests but have not been invited to participate in the hearing your responses will also be taken into account.

Jayne Hollas

Case Officer

Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals
Scottish Government
Unit 4 the Courtyard
Callendar Business Park
Falkirk l FK1 1XR
Email :
Tel: 01324 696454
Fax : 01324 696444

Plan for 8000 Edinburgh homes to tackle 'acute shortage' of housing


The following notification from the DPEA was received by CRA on the 4th November.

Please be aware that the notification advises that CRA has NOT been invited to participate directly in this hearing since quote:

 The reporters consider that they do not need any further information from you in relation to these hearing sessions. As a consequence, you are not being invited to take part in the hearing, although you are welcome to attend and observe.

We will however make every effort to have a committee member attend the hearing(s) as an observer.
However since we are few and prior commitments will certainly intrude, we would ask the membership for your assistance;  if anyone can and is prepared to attend and give us your feedback on the proceedings we, and the membership, would be most grateful.

The Evening News once again reports on housing matters in and around the Capital.

“Green and pleasant land ……………? ”


I know its’ south of the border but are things all that different north of the border ?

BBC News - Readit here Readit here

If you are uncertain as to what Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all about   CLICK HERE

21st November 2015


Very recently a rumour has been circulating that a proposal to build 10000 houses in the WEST of Edinburgh had been approved.

The proposal in fact relates to East Lothian and the “West” refers to the west of the county of East Lothian.

A piece in the Evening News of the 18th November provides more information on this issue.

Readit here

Page 4 onwards.

Up to the hearing of the 12th but, to date, only the hearing agenda is available on the DPEA web site.

Web site documents relating to the Requests for additional information issued by the DPEA together with responses may be found from Page 4 onwards.

Makes interesting reading.

Go to DPEA Web Site - LDP 2

 Case Update 7 December 2015* -

Following November’s hearing sessions on housing land supply matters (18 November) and housing delivery issues (19 November) a number of further information requests have been issued.
The closing submissions from the second hearing, all the hearing submissions and further information requests can be viewed on our web site.
Further progress has been made during November on writing up the report. The reporters are now carefully considering the further information received during and after the hearings. Whilst some further information requests may be required these are likely to be limited as the reporters proceed to focus on completion of the report.

The reporters remain hopeful of completion within the ministerial target date (27 February 2016). However, the timescales to completion will be re-visited early in the new year once all the further submissions have been fully assessed.


The following is a quote from the DPEA Web site relating to the ongoing examination of the proposed Local Development Plan.

The site now includes much more information on the issues and also responses to requests for further information.

Go to DPEA Web Site - LDP 2

5th January 2016


Given all the debate and denials regarding air pollution particularly in Corstorphine (Glasgow Road) and Queensferry Road the following story on BBC ONE on the 11th January makes interesting but worrying reading.

Should all the development proposed for the western approaches to Edinburgh go ahead with the consequential increase in traffic it would seem that air pollution can only get worse in the future.

Vehicle Emission Testing


11th January 2016

12th January 2016


TO WATCH on the 13th January BBC ONE 7:30 pm
In light of the Vehicle Emission Testing report (also on BBC ONE on the 11th ) the concept of this programme really has me thinking.

I thought the broadcast was on the 11th but it seems not.

It may appear as though we (CRA) keep banging on about traffic congestion and pollution but there are very good reasons.

Land owners and developers make their profits and move away to the next money earner.

Residents (new and old) must then live with the consequences - or, heaven forefend,  perhaps not live with the consequences.

Planning laws intended to protect citizens from being exposed to such lifetime hazards in the interest of profit for others.


Planning laws with a presumption in favour of development intended to circumvent such protections in the interest of profits.

Now  there is a thought  to conjure with … In the meantime ... a taster    


18th January 2016

I have spent a week agonising over whether or not to post such an article on the Association website.

I finally decided not to.  I will however continue to RANT in private …

Hard Luck  .. You’ll never know what you may have missed  

23rd January 2016


It appears that there are now two new care homes being planned for the Cramond / Barnton area of Ediburgh one of which would occupy a large chunk of land behind the existing houses in Cramond and the steep slope down to the river (just about opposite Cramond Church.)

The second would lie just north of Queensferry Road  and just to the west of the Clermiston Road junction in an area being marketed as Barnton Wood ………

Why should we be concerned ???

Statistically the elderly do require more medical attention and associated support services than the younger generation and these developments would put an even greater strain on medical and social support services in the area.

All sounds a bit like installing a new toilet before anyone has worked out how to build the drains.

A WebRant .. Your WebMaster letting off steam.  


    This is the opinion of the webmaster and does NOT necessarily reflect the views of the CRA Committee or of the Association membership.

31st March 2016


LDP2 - DPEA Reporter Examination.

There have been a number of requests by the DPEA Reporter for further information (or clarification) on several matters of significance to the issue of the inclusion of Cammo fields as development land in the second version of the Local Development Plan.

The CRA Committee have responded to all appropriate requests on behalf of the Association membership.

The most recent of these responses may be viewed HERE

We now await further steps in the examination process which has been extended to at least the end of May 2016.

The Local Development Plan (version 2) may or may not change the status of the land described as Cammo Fields from GREEN BELT to DEVELOPMENT.

It is therefore essential that CRA (on your behalf) take every opportunity to express our objections to such a change in status.

further planning applications in and around west Edinburgh have been submitted totalling in excess of 3600.

One of the latest proposals relates to the now disbanded Craigiehall Barracks site.

There is a proposal for the creation of a 1200 house Village development on this site which lies just to the south west of Queensferry Road and north of the Almond river valley.

There will be manned public viewing of the proposals for this development at two locations -

Tuesday 12th April … Craigies Farm …..  1pm to 7pm.

Monday 18th April …. Queensferry Parish Church (Queen Margaret Hall) …. 1pm to 7pm.

You may view the poster distributed by the developer  by clicking HERE

Suddenly a number of issues have come alive again.

In the meantime  ………….

6th April 2016

CRA Information Flyer

Over the next few days, residents in the Cammo, Strathalmond and Parkgrove areas will receive a hand delivered flyer giving the latest information on the developments in our area.

We are greatly indebted to our volunteer distribution team for all their efforts without which we would find it impossible to keep in touch with those who deserve to know of such matters.


This is an important opportunity to see a proposal which is not included on the Local Development plan BUT which, if submitted as a planning application, may well be approved.

This is all part of the Public Consultation process.

140727_Craigiehall_Consultation Poster.pdf


There are two manned viewings and the dates and locations for these are shown on the poster.

Of interest … the development is described as “South Queensferry” which, although correct by boundary, is misleading by relationship to adjacent communities  i.e.  Strathalmond.


To read this flyer …..   CLICK HERE

17th April 2016

Garden District proposals under debate yet again ..

Edinburgh Evening News have published a piece on the ongoing saga of the Murray Estates proposal for the Garden District.

Makes interesting reading.


DPEA Examination of LDP2 - Requests for further information.

We (CRA) have been asked for further information on a number of occasions (along with many others).

We have ALWAYS responded on your behalf in a fashion that reflects the wishes of a majority of our memberships views.

To understand the responses we made, it helps if you consider the point under discussion.

To that end I recommend scanning the DPEA case log at their website.


As you may note, the completion of the examination process and the presentation of the Examination Report to the appropriate bodies has been postponed until the end of May 2016.

This is likely due to the complexities of the case under consideration.  Look forward to further postponements perhaps ?
We await the outcome  (but NOT with bated breath)   ………     


Please also note that the submissions by CRA and others may be viewed from the DPEA case log.

The case reference number is LDP-230-2

The URL for the web site is :
should you wish to get there under your own steam so to speak.

5th May 2016

LDP2 DPEA Examination

For those who are following the ongoing DPEA Examination of the proposed Local Development Plan (in its second version), you will doubtless recall that, on the 7th April, the Reporter called for additional information from a number of those parties who were directly involved or who had previously been involved in the consultation process.

The responses to these requests are now reported on the DPEA Web site and you may access these from here.
Please remember that, since this issue has been a long time in developing, you need to ensure that you are looking at the MOST RECENT postings.  Click on the “>>” symbol on the page options.

It remains to be seen whether the end of May is an achievable date for completion of the examination process or not.
We can only wait.

However, in the meantime the issue of the so called Garden District attracts some attention (of interest?)

It is of note that a number of claims have appeared in public correspondence that the Cammo Fields Development has been stopped in its tracks.
Were these claims true, there would be much rejoicing I feel sure.  Sadly they are not.
I understand that the outcome of the Cammo Fields issue rests on a combination of the content of the LDP (green belt etc) and the outcome of the legal challenge to the Scottish Ministers rejection of the ‘second’ planning application mounted by the land owner and their representatives.
Which of these will have priority I know not.   
Experts in the field would doubtless be able to offer an opinion (or perhaps not).

It has been suggested that I should “haud yer wheesht”  and “bide yer time”.
Well said I suppose.

CRA Flyer of March 2016

I sincerely hope that residents of the Cammo and Strathalmond area will have received our hand delivered information update.

If you did not get it or if you haven’t had the time to read it, you may read it from  READ IT now

We are, as ever, greatly indebted to our volunteer distribution team for all their efforts without which we would find it impossible to keep in touch with those of you who deserve to know of such matters and, in particular, those who have no access to the Internet.

14th May 2016


Edinburgh Evening News article makes interesting reading.

Will this have an influence on the Development Management sub-Committee decision on Monday 16th May?

Evening News Article - click HERE Development Management Committee - agenda &c

19th May 2016

Development Management Committee gives Garden District proposal the go-ahead.

The Evening News article of the 17th May is of great interest in that it reports the progress of the Garden District proposals through the early stages of the labyrinthine approvals process.
The next step is ………………..  Read the article for more information.

Evening News Article - click HERE

This follows the article of the 14th May so, to get a fuller picture, read both.
Also note that the BLUE Management Committee button shown below will still take you to the information source and all its updates.

4th June 2016


This is worth a read since the Council decision it reports on could lead to the application of a motion called the Capital Coalition Motion which was formally agreed by the Council Planning committee on the 14th May 2014.
This motion was incorporated in the amendment to Issue 7 of the proposed LDP version 2 BEFORE it was submitted to the Scottish Ministers.

If you don’t know of or can’t remember ..  Read on.

An interesting piece has been published by STV concerning the latest development in this significant proposal.


CRA were very concerned to ensure that this Motion, tabled and passed at the Planning Meeting of the 14th May which approved the LDP2 had in fact been incorporated BEFORE the approved LDP was rendered into the tender care of the Scottish Ministers.

Accordingly we wrote to the Director of Planning seeking assurance that this had happened.

To see the CRA Letter to the Director of Planning                  READ IT HERE

We have now received a reply confirming that the Motion had been incorporated by amendment of Issue 7 (Housing Sites in West Edinburgh).                          READ THIS HERE

The Schedule 7 may be viewed on DPEA web site at :  and go to Page 20 .

LDP2 Approval together with the associated Capital Coalition Motion

One year ago (May/June 2015) Version 2 of the LDP had reached the final stage of its approval process by the Edinburgh Planning Committee.

The following shows the actions that we, Cammo Residents Association, took on your behalf.

STV News Article - view here !

9th June 2016

Edinburgh City Council Planning Committee Membership

Members of the Planning Committee are NOMINATED by the full City Council.
They are NOT elected individually.

The Committee Membership as a result, has changed.
The NEW membership is shown below.
We have included the Wards which councillors represent.  (Important ………. Well probably)

Click on eMail address and you will be able to send an email to that individual,

15 members – 6 Labour, 5 SNP, 3 Conservative, 1 Green

Councillor Ian Perry (Convener)   (Southside/Newington)      

Councillor Alex Lunn (Vice-Convener) (Craigentinny/Duddingston)

Councillor Nigel Bagshaw          (Inverleith)                

Councillor Jeremy Balfour          (Corstorphine/Murrayfield)

Councillor Angela Blacklock       (Leith Walk)            

Councillor Ron Cairns               (Drumbrae/Gyle)            

Councillor Steve Cardownie       (Forth)                    

Councillor Maureen Child           (Portobello/Craigmillar)

Councillor Nick Gardner             (Leith Walk)                 

Councillor Dominic Heslop         (Pentland Hills)         

Councillor Karen Keil                (Drumbrae/Gyle)               

Councillor Adam McVey             (Leith)                        

Councillor Eric Milligan              (Sighthill/Gorgie)          

Councillor Joanna Mowat           (City Centre)             

Councillor Lewis Ritchie            (Leith Walk)                

More information on the Committee may be found ………….

together with meeting timings, agendas, minutes etc..

Just in case you may wish to express your concerns (or perhaps support) for the decisions that are about to be made, or possibly those which have already been made, the following may be useful.

6th July 2016




In any case, perhaps it is better to believe what folk do rather than what they say they will do.

I have to say that I believe the next step in the ‘approvals’ process to be down to Edinburgh City Council who have stated that they will “carry out modifications and environmental assessments” during July and August.

The wording of the information letter from the council stated that “The report may make recommendations to modify the Plan. The examination recommendations will be considered at a meeting of the Planning Committee, intended to be held on the 5th September.

The modified plan will then be published in September and Scottish Ministers will be ‘notified’ of it.
There is then a 28 day lull in the whole process, with ‘adoption’ scheduled for October/November 2016.

From information published by Edinburgh City Council, we are advised that the Reporters recommendations are ‘largely binding on the Council’.

A little uncertainty here perhaps?  “Recommendations will be considered” implies an option to reject?

Therefore until the Council have formally adopted the Plan AND Scottish Ministers have ‘considered it for 28 days”  and then formally ‘adopted it’  there seems to be a window of opportunity.

We have every intention of using it to our best advantage.

The Edinburgh Evening News has published an informative piece :

Evening News Article  - read here

8th July 2016

Link to DPEA Website  for  LDP  Recommendations.

This link takes you to everything in the DPEA website relating to Version 2 of the Local Development Plan for Edinburgh City.   (ECLDP for short).

For decisions etc. go to the LAST page.

DPEA Website - everything to do with Locat Development Plan

29th October 2016

LDP2 and Cammo fields (HSG20)

The Scottish Ministers extended ‘consideration period’ is due to end on the 11th November with either a decision to approve version 2 of the LDP (including Cammo fields as a development site) OR a decision to amend LDP2 to exclude Cammo fields OR I suppose a further postponement of his decision.

As requested we would still encourage you to register your views on this issue.
Conventional wisdom advises that our efforts will not influence his judgement but see where conventional wisdom has got us to up till now!

Some interesting happenings on the Planning front for West Edinburgh :

With are currently unable to register new patients unless they are new born or adopted babies of parents registered at the practice. Patients staying in the area for less than three months may be seen as temporary residents.

This is due to a current GP shortage and this action is necessary to protect the quality of service provided to patients currently registered with the practice.


How is this for a developers view of the planning system.
I suspect that this developer is not the only one who would relish doing that to those who object !


Regardless … objectors take heed - should this succeed - where one goes others may follow.
Take note of the decision of the local council regarding who makes the planning decisions - above all do NOT be deterred from making your views known under what is a well defined, formal legal process that entitles you to do so …. PLANNING LAW.

30th October 2016

Wherefor art thou TTIP ….  We have the power - well not quite yet.

17th November 2016


As you are no doubt well aware, the last chance to amend the LDP lay with Kevin Stewart, Minister for Local Government and Housing.

Having taken ‘extra time’ to make his consideration, he has now issued a judgement to Edinburgh City Council, approving the LDP for formal adoption WITH NO INTERVENTIONS (and therefore includes Cammo fields) BUT
imposing constraints on the development plan in several significant areas which relate to any development in the Cammo area (HSG20).

Obviously this is far from our expectations (hopes!) In that it gives the green light to housing development of Cammo fields.
We are not the only area  with major concerns about proposed developments.

We, Cammo Residents Association, therfore have two choices for our participation in the forthcoming developments.

Do nothing …..

            Say nothing ……………………

                     Roll over and play dead
In other words, developers ….  do what you like … we’ll not object to anything.  
After all MY house value won’t change …. WILL IT ?
And they (?) Have to provide us with adequate access to a local GP service - DON’T THEY ?
And on .. And on …. And on.
So who do you think will be the winner?
Live in hope old chap !! If we win, profit goes down .. Down .. And viceversa ..

Actively engage in any and every opportunity for consultation and/or intervention available to us during the Planning process.  This represents our ONLY legally defined right of involvement that is not open to abuse or challenge.
We MUST therefore take full advantage of what it offers.

To do so requires an association, like ourselves,
#          prepared to engage in the process,
#          with the interests of the local community as a prime objective.  
#          With the willingness to keep local residents informed and to seek their support                             for actions.

But ABOVE ALL NOT to be overcome by the financial pressures wielded by developers.


Edinburgh Evening News -  16th Nov.

Government Minister lays into Council ….

So just maybe this means …. You screwed it up, so now you’d better make it work.

Oh, and by the way, pay some attention to the citizens requirements … for forms sake if nothing else.

Read the piece ..

6th September 2017

Following a very long period of apparent inactivity, at least as far as the general public and local residents were concerned, the whole development process has come alive.

Cammo residents whose property bounds on the northern limit of Cammo fields received a letter from Cala Homes Limited, on behalf of Cala and David Wilson Homes, advising that they had been selected to bring forward a proposal relating to the site.

They promised to be in touch in the near future regarding their public consultation event at which they would display a proposed design for the site and give the opportunity to provide comment and discussion of the design.

The letter further advised that survey work would be undertaken across the site including an intrusive Site Investigation would commence on the 4th September and is expected to last for three weeks.

We have already seen this work getting underway and, so far at least, there has been little or no disturbance for residents.

Cammo Residents Association Committee have been busy developing a strategy for planned approaches to both the Developers and to Edinburgh City Council planning department.

We will keep everyone informed as this progresses.


30th August 2017

On the 29th August the CRA Committee had a meeting with the representatives of the developers (Cala Homes and David Wilson (Barratt - Wilson) Homes at which CRA clearly stated that:

#  We (CRA) WANT to be involved;

#  We want them to listen … any consultation exercise must NOT be treated a ‘tick in the box’ exercise.

The Developers said that they will meet regularly with the CRA Committee and they will respond to local residents concerns.

With regard to the forthcoming Pre Planning Application, the CRA Committee has asked the Council for the following:

# There shall be no piecemeal development;
# Good liaison with the community including over the design of a Community Centre;
# There shall be adequate to ensure the safeguarding of privacy;
# There should be adequate investment in improved traffic flow on Maybury Road;
# There must be approved (improved) public transport, educational and medical facilities BEFORE development;
# That the current status of Cammo Walk be maintained;
# That a safe and publicised construction traffic plan be provided;
# That construction operation procedures be agreed to prevent resident inconvenience;
# That a buffer zone along ALL properties facing or backing on the development be provided.

25th July 2017

There have been a number of contacts and information exchanges during the month which have led to a meeting between the CRA Committee and the proposed developers, planned for mid to late August 2017.

Apparently, as with all major developments  like this, there will be (IS) a zone of uncertainty that extends until there is agreement between the land owner and a developer or developers who are actually responsible for the development plans for the site and who will apply for planning permission.  (The PPAN - pre planning application)

Until this point it has been almost smoke and mirrors stuff.

HOWEVER ………….. Watch this space  :-(  


20th September 2017

Cammo Residents Association.

The Committee have composed an information flyer giving a summary of the happenings, the contacts with the Developers and with Edinburgh City Council.

There is also a “What happens now” section.
We (CRA) have been advised that there will be a public consultation event hosted by the developers to be held in Crammond Kirk Hall on the 10th and 11th November.

The developers intend to submit the final Planning Application in early 2018.

We have been told that building will start before the end of 2018 and that construction is likely to take between three and four years.

However, this all presumes that the proposed development plan actually gets planning permission.
Should this not happen then …………………………

This information flyer (all 500 of them) have been hand delivered to all residences in the Cammo and Strathalmond areas together with those properties on the East of Maybury Road that will be affected by this development.

We (CRA) must sincerely thank all those willing helpers who have done the hard work .. Not sure how many miles (or steps) they must have covered.  Without their efforts household delivery would not have been practical given postal costs etc..

24th September 2017

We are advised that details of the LDP (LDP2?) Approved at 7th September 2017 are now available on ECC  planning web site.

The link to this is shown below:

I would suggest that should you be interested in this LDP and possible amendments you should copy the above link address to your web browser to look at it.

Like all related to planning issues, nothing can be simple. So apologies if this all seems a bit circuitous.

Regardless of the hassle it is worth keeping track of the goings on since it is possible that you could find planning proposals that impact on you directly.

4th October 2017

CALA Management Limited and BDW Trading Limited have submitted a PAN to CEC (City of Edinburgh Council).

The PAN Reference Number is 17/04395/PAN.

You can view this PAN together with any attached documents by visiting the CEC web site and going to the Planning Department
You can click on the link shown below to go straight to the application.

The Developers confirmed the planned public exhibition to be held in the Millennium Room of Cramond Kirk, Glebe Road, Edinburgh, EH4 6NS.
The exhibition will be open on two days:  Friday 10th November from 2pm till 8pm and on Saturday 11th November from 9am till 2pm.

At this moment in time the only significant information contained in the PAN is a plot limit outline overlaid on an Osmap.


Point of interest to those on Cammo Grove: this outline shows the relationship between the ‘plot limit’ and the property boundaries of adjacent housing.
Very reassuring if it is adhered to in practice.


See 10th October News

! !

10th October 2017


Details of the first (possibly of many) ‘claims’ on existing properties that bound on ‘Cammo Fields’ has come to our attention.

The house sale of a property on the South side of Cammo Grove has fallen through as a result of a ‘claim on land’ by the potential developers (CALA Management Ltd and BDW Training Ltd)
Potential because Planning Permission has not yet been granted and, as we understand it, purchase is conditional on it being granted.

We understand that CALA was willing to withdraw the ‘claim’ but that their partner (BDW) was not in agreement.

This does not bode well for any future discussions regarding this development.


The real concern for Cammo residents whose property bounds on the development plot limit is therefore the uncertainty over how many other such ‘claims’ may be lodged.
This is particularly the case when the likely costs associated with refuting such claims is taken into account.

Further more it appears that in order to validate a deed it must be defined as an overlay on the appropriate Ordinance Survey map for the area.  If the two do not match there may be problem. Expert advice may be needed on how best to achieve this.

In any event it is perhaps wise to be prepared by at least making sure that you have the title deed for your property to hand.

12th October 2017


We understand from an item in the Edinburgh Evening News of the 11th October that the last significant objection by the Science and Advice for Agricultural Services (SASA) has been withdrawn.

The full article may be read from the following link:

The first phase of the project was approved by members of the City of Edinburgh Council’s development and management committee in May 2016, however it required full council approval.

In early June 2016 councillors voted 35 to 17 to grant planning permission.

Planning convener Ian Perry said backing the plans would provide more acceptable land for new housing than some other proposed sites like Cammo, Curriehill and Curriemuirend.

The Evening News article provides some information as to what happened after that.

Sadly unlikely to have a great influence on planning decisions for Cammo Fields.


1st November 2017


CALA Homes and David Wilson Homes have, to-day, hand delivered invitation to attend flyers. Hopefully the area covered by this delivery has included Strathalmond and housing bounding on the East side of Maybury Road.

Regardless  it is important that as many as can should attend.  
Residents will doubtless have an interest in the nature of the development itself, housing numbers, nature of housing, proximity to existing properties and, importantly, the nature of the traffic management measures to combat congestion on Maybury.
After all the development will certainly have a wider impact on the surrounding communities in matters such as traffic and possible congestion, schooling, medical facilities (new practice?), changes (improvements!) to public transport and so on.

In has been noted that the PAN Location Plan shown in the flyer has been extended eastwards to include Maybury Road itself and also most of the wooded area surmounting the berm separating Bughtlin housing from Maybury Road, all the way south to where the Bughtlin Burn crosses Maybury Road.

When CRA questioned the “why, who by and what for” of this change we were told that the CEC had asked for the increase in area.

Can I ask why the increase in area for the PAN? It is not uncommon to have a PAN boundary that is slightly wider than the site itself to pick up on things such as works to the access road, or footpaths to the wider area.

What is the plan for the new area? From our part nothing at this stage, it may be that there are additional footpath links etc created, subject to the area being controlled. This is something that we will be looking into further.

Which department in CEC have asked for the increase in area? This has been largely driven by development control, planning and transportation. As I note below they understand that the boundary of the plan will be getting trimmed back, but in the first instance it is more sensible to have this wider, as whilst it can be reduced, it can’t be increased.

 Who does the increased area belong to? The land to the east is largely owned by the Scottish Government. The land to the west is a private landowner.

Friday 10th November 2017 between 2pm and 8pm

Saturday 11th November 2017 between 9am and 2pm.

Location - Cramond Kirk, Millenium Hall, Glebe Road, Edinburgh EH4 6NS

We have now reached the point where our (residents) area of influence lies in the nature of the proposal for the PAN and subsequently on the precise nature of the development with all its implications.

Clearly development cannot be halted, but it is therefore essential that we are involved as plans develop and, beyond this, how these plans are implemented.

Certain Delivery Company trucks, in convoy, have recently been observed using Cammo Road from Turnhouse Airport Cargo terminal to bypass traffic induced delays on Maybury Road and the Barnton junction.

Whilst this may be understandable it is quite unreasonable to use what is, to a truck, a single track road with few ‘passing places’.
This was a major concern when CRA objected to the development proposals for Cammo fields.

It is also of concern that development proposals have consistently included closing the section of Cammo Walk leading to Craigs Road to vehicular traffic thus forcing users onto the very section of Cammo Walk now being used as a ‘rat run’.

And this is what we are assured is ‘traffic planning’.  I fear residents may well have a different opinion.
And as for 20 MPH !!  Ah, well you see at 7.30 am there is no one else on the road …

18th October 2017


Should any resident have photos of this ‘convoy’ system in operation, we would appreciate getting a copy (email is OK).

7th November 2017

PC Steven McGill, a Crime Prevention Officer in the PIP (Prevention Interventions & Partnerships) team will conduct this event.
We should also have one of our local community PCs in attendance, and the local community police team lead Police Sergeant  Richard Homewood will attend if duties permit.

The topics PC Steven McGill will cover include :        

and we expect plenty of discussion from questions and concerns raised by attendees.

This event is aimed at residents in Davidson's Mains, Silverknowes, Barnton, Cammo and Cramond, and was suggested by the police in response to some housebreaking crime across these areas in recent months.

Police Home Security Event:

7-9pm on Tuesday 28 November

at Holy Cross Church Hall in Davidson's Mains

Many thanks to Holy Cross Church for offering the use of the Hall free of charge for the event: there will be a collection box for those of us who wish to make a donation towards the running costs of the Hall.

CRA have been advised of the event detailed below which is likely to be of interest to all residents.

13th November 2017


We hear that these two events were well attended.  
However the developers have decided, possibly in response to a request by CRA, to make the presentation material available to all by posting it on their, CALA, website.

A direct link to this material is given on the Home page of this site.
If you missed it ….. Here it is again.

PLEASE NOTE … There is no mention of a closing date for comments on the CALA web site form BUT the paper comment form available at the presentation clearly shows the date shown below.


 Cramond and Barnton Community Council invites feed-back from CRA members on the information provided at the pre-application exhibition and on the developers’ website (Link provided below ‘view presentation)

In its role as statutory representative for the community, the Community Council will be discussing the proposals at its public meeting on Thursday 16 November at 19.30 at Cramond Kirk Halls and forwarding the community’s concerns and comments to the developers and City Council.

Please send any comments to, as soon as possible.



CRA contacted developers and closing date for comments is now 4th December 2017

14th November 2017


CRA contacted developers and closing date for comments is now 4th December 2017


Cramond & Barnton Community Council have prepared a Discussion Paper titled


This Paper presents opportunities for easing traffic congestion and enhancing safety in the vicinity of Barnton Junction and its Maybury Road and Whitehouse Road approaches. It has been prepared to encourage the City of Edinburgh Council to amend road layouts and traffic management measures, and, thereby, improve traffic capacity, flows and safety, and reduce congestion costs and inconvenience, which will increase significantly as a result of further housing and business development in West Edinburgh and beyond.

Quote from Introduction to paper

This document has been circulated and the Committee feel that CRA should give their support to the recommendations contained in the paper.

Accordingly our decision will be communicated to the Community Council.

16th November 2017

CAMMO WALK - Vehicle access or not ?

There are significant concerns regarding planning intentions for Cammo Walk as a vehicular access/egress from the existing Cammo and Strathalmond housing.

We are aware of an increase in heavy traffic using the western Cammo Walk to access/exit from the freight terminal at Turnhouse Airport.
We are therefore concerned about any changes to the Cammo Walk connection to Craigs Road.

Accordingly CRA have written to the CEC Director of Transport seeking clarification of the planning intentions for this section of of Cammo Walk.

A copy of the letter may be viewed from this link    


24th November 2017


Advisory letters have been sent out by Edinburgh Council on this issue, giving, in broad outline, the proposed changes.VIEW NOW

The letter may be read by clicking on the VIEW NOW button.    

Full details of the proposals are available on the Council website at:

Many parents residing in the South West of Edinburgh could be affected by these proposed changes and, in addition, those who may consider moving into the proposed housing developments in Cammo fields and Maybury may wish also to take this into account.

BBC Scotland viewers may also have seen their item on this subject.

Strange how East and West appears to confuse some folks … and as for Fife and Midlothian ..

23rd November 2017

CAMMO WALK - Council Intentions regarding Cammo Walk.

At the recent Developers consultation presentation event it was repeatedly stated that any changes to the status of Cammo Walk were entirely under the control of Edinburgh Council.
These statements related to the South going part of Cammo Walk leading to Craigs Road and to the junction with Maybury Road.

However there is great concern as to the Council intentions concerning the South Westerly part of Cammo Walk leading to the intersection of Cammo Walk and Turnhouse Road at the Airport Cargo Terminal.

This section of roadway has recently seen a considerable increase in heavy goods vehicle traffic travelling North apparently in an attempt to avoid congestion at both Maybury and Barnton junctions.
This increase has also had an adverse effect Cammo Gardens which, I am sure the Council will recognise as very recently having been designated a 20 mph zone.

Residents on Cammo Walk are rightly concerned.  Both they and Cammo Residents Association have repeatedly expressed objections to traffic planning intentions for Cammo Walk and for what is described as ‘mitigation measures’ at Maybury Junction that are very likely to adversely alter the traffic flows on alternate routes to Maybury Road.

None of the proposed alterations to Maybury Road associated with the Cammo Fields development will improve the situation:  in fact their effect will be quite contrary.

28th November 2017



An item in Edinburgh Evening News makes interesting reading since it appears to relate to the establishment of a new secondary school ‘west of Maybury’.

The possible location of this new school is marked as Option 1 and Option 2 (coloured BLUE) on the map titled ‘ catchment areas and locations’
You can view this map directly by clicking the VIEW MAP button below.
The map and the associated documents comes from the Council web site - link shown below titled

You can read the Evening News item by clicking on READ NOW


5th December 2017


As a consequence of the concerns expressed by residents of Cammo Grove and Cammo Gardens adjacent to Maybury Road regarding the uncertainty over the precise boundary of the development site, the developers promised to carry out a survey and marking exercise.

This has now been completed and RED PAINTED POSTS have been placed at intervals to mark the boundary of the development site.

We were advised that coloured tape would be strung between the posts.
Where there was no tape it could be that there was an encroachment on the development site;  most likely the result of hedging (or trees).

However there is always the possibility that there has been a significant encroachment.

We recommend that residents check their boundary with Cammo Fields …..

Where garden refuse (grass cuttings, hedge cuttings etc) constitutes the encroachment ……
Clearing up is therefore an issue that remains to be considered.

Regardless the marking out will provide reassurance to many but possibly not so for a few.

CRA will continue discussing these matters with the developers.