6th September 2017

Following a very long period of apparent inactivity, at least as far as the general public and local residents were concerned, the whole development process has come alive.

Cammo residents whose property bounds on the northern limit of Cammo fields received a letter from Cala Homes Limited, on behalf of Cala and David Wilson Homes, advising that they had been selected to bring forward a proposal relating to the site.

They promised to be in touch in the near future regarding their public consultation event at which they would display a proposed design for the site and give the opportunity to provide comment and discussion of the design.

The letter further advised that survey work would be undertaken across the site including an intrusive Site Investigation would commence on the 4th September and is expected to last for three weeks.

We have already seen this work getting underway and, so far at least, there has been little or no disturbance for residents.

Cammo Residents Association Committee have been busy developing a strategy for planned approaches to both the Developers and to Edinburgh City Council planning department.

We will keep everyone informed as this progresses.

30th August 2017

On the 29th August the CRA Committee had a meeting with the representatives of the developers (Cala Homes and David Wilson (Barratt - Wilson) Homes at which CRA clearly stated that:

#  We (CRA) WANT to be involved;

#  We want them to listen … any consultation exercise must NOT be treated a ‘tick in the box’ exercise.

The Developers said that they will meet regularly with the CRA Committee and they will respond to local residents concerns.

With regard to the forthcoming Pre Planning Application, the CRA Committee has asked the Council for the following:

# There shall be no piecemeal development;
# Good liaison with the community including over the design of a Community Centre;
# There shall be adequate to ensure the safeguarding of privacy;
# There should be adequate investment in improved traffic flow on Maybury Road;
# There must be approved (improved) public transport, educational and medical facilities BEFORE development;
# That the current status of Cammo Walk be maintained;
# That a safe and publicised construction traffic plan be provided;
# That construction operation procedures be agreed to prevent resident inconvenience;
# That a buffer zone along ALL properties facing or backing on the development be provided.

25th July 2017

There have been a number of contacts and information exchanges during the month which have led to a meeting between the CRA Committee and the proposed developers, planned for mid to late August 2017.

Apparently, as with all major developments  like this, there will be (IS) a zone of uncertainty that extends until there is agreement between the land owner and a developer or developers who are actually responsible for the development plans for the site and who will apply for planning permission.  (The PPAN - pre planning application)

Until this point it has been almost smoke and mirrors stuff.

HOWEVER ………….. Watch this space  :-(  


20th September 2017

Cammo Residents Association.

The Committee have composed an information flyer giving a summary of the happenings, the contacts with the Developers and with Edinburgh City Council.

There is also a “What happens now” section.
We (CRA) have been advised that there will be a public consultation event hosted by the developers to be held in Crammond Kirk Hall on the 10th and 11th November.

The developers intend to submit the final Planning Application in early 2018.

We have been told that building will start before the end of 2018 and that construction is likely to take between three and four years.

However, this all presumes that the proposed development plan actually gets planning permission.
Should this not happen then …………………………

This information flyer (all 500 of them) have been hand delivered to all residences in the Cammo and Strathalmond areas together with those properties on the East of Maybury Road that will be affected by this development.

We (CRA) must sincerely thank all those willing helpers who have done the hard work .. Not sure how many miles (or steps) they must have covered.  Without their efforts household delivery would not have been practical given postal costs etc..

24th September 2017


We are advised that details of the LDP (LDP2?) Approved at 7th September 2017 are now available on ECC  planning web site.

The link to this is shown below:

I would suggest that should you be interested in this LDP and possible amendments you should copy the above link address to your web browser to look at it.

Like all related to planning issues, nothing can be simple. So apologies if this all seems a bit circuitous.

Regardless of the hassle it is worth keeping track of the goings on since it is possible that you could find planning proposals that impact on you directly.

4th October 2017

CALA Management Limited and BDW Trading Limited have submitted a PAN to CEC (City of Edinburgh Council).

The PAN Reference Number is 17/04395/PAN.

You can view this PAN together with any attached documents by visiting the CEC web site and going to the Planning Department
You can click on the link shown below to go straight to the application.


The Developers confirmed the planned public exhibition to be held in the Millennium Room of Cramond Kirk, Glebe Road, Edinburgh, EH4 6NS.
The exhibition will be open on two days:  Friday 10th November from 2pm till 8pm and on Saturday 11th November from 9am till 2pm.

At this moment in time the only significant information contained in the PAN is a plot limit outline overlaid on an Osmap.


Point of interest to those on Cammo Grove: this outline shows the relationship between the ‘plot limit’ and the property boundaries of adjacent housing.
Very reassuring if it is adhered to in practice.


See 10th October News

! !

10th October 2017


Details of the first (possibly of many) ‘claims’ on existing properties that bound on ‘Cammo Fields’ has come to our attention.

The house sale of a property on the South side of Cammo Grove has fallen through as a result of a ‘claim on land’ by the potential developers (CALA Management Ltd and BDW Training Ltd)
Potential because Planning Permission has not yet been granted and, as we understand it, purchase is conditional on it being granted.

We understand that CALA was willing to withdraw the ‘claim’ but that their partner (BDW) was not in agreement.

This does not bode well for any future discussions regarding this development.


The real concern for Cammo residents whose property bounds on the development plot limit is therefore the uncertainty over how many other such ‘claims’ may be lodged.
This is particularly the case when the likely costs associated with refuting such claims is taken into account.

Further more it appears that in order to validate a deed it must be defined as an overlay on the appropriate Ordinance Survey map for the area.  If the two do not match there may be problem. Expert advice may be needed on how best to achieve this.

In any event it is perhaps wise to be prepared by at least making sure that you have the title deed for your property to hand.

12th October 2017


We understand from an item in the Edinburgh Evening News of the 11th October that the last significant objection by the Science and Advice for Agricultural Services (SASA) has been withdrawn.

The full article may be read from the following link:


The first phase of the project was approved by members of the City of Edinburgh Council’s development and management committee in May 2016, however it required full council approval.

In early June 2016 councillors voted 35 to 17 to grant planning permission.

Planning convener Ian Perry said backing the plans would provide more acceptable land for new housing than some other proposed sites like Cammo, Curriehill and Curriemuirend.

The Evening News article provides some information as to what happened after that.

Sadly unlikely to have a great influence on planning decisions for Cammo Fields.


1st November 2017


CALA Homes and David Wilson Homes have, to-day, hand delivered invitation to attend flyers. Hopefully the area covered by this delivery has included Strathalmond and housing bounding on the East side of Maybury Road.

Regardless  it is important that as many as can should attend.  
Residents will doubtless have an interest in the nature of the development itself, housing numbers, nature of housing, proximity to existing properties and, importantly, the nature of the traffic management measures to combat congestion on Maybury.
After all the development will certainly have a wider impact on the surrounding communities in matters such as traffic and possible congestion, schooling, medical facilities (new practice?), changes (improvements!) to public transport and so on.

In has been noted that the PAN Location Plan shown in the flyer has been extended eastwards to include Maybury Road itself and also most of the wooded area surmounting the berm separating Bughtlin housing from Maybury Road, all the way south to where the Bughtlin Burn crosses Maybury Road.

When CRA questioned the “why, who by and what for” of this change we were told that the CEC had asked for the increase in area.

Can I ask why the increase in area for the PAN? It is not uncommon to have a PAN boundary that is slightly wider than the site itself to pick up on things such as works to the access road, or footpaths to the wider area.

What is the plan for the new area? From our part nothing at this stage, it may be that there are additional footpath links etc created, subject to the area being controlled. This is something that we will be looking into further.

Which department in CEC have asked for the increase in area? This has been largely driven by development control, planning and transportation. As I note below they understand that the boundary of the plan will be getting trimmed back, but in the first instance it is more sensible to have this wider, as whilst it can be reduced, it can’t be increased.

 Who does the increased area belong to? The land to the east is largely owned by the Scottish Government. The land to the west is a private landowner.

Friday 10th November 2017 between 2pm and 8pm

Saturday 11th November 2017 between 9am and 2pm.

Location - Cramond Kirk, Millenium Hall, Glebe Road, Edinburgh EH4 6NS

We have now reached the point where our (residents) area of influence lies in the nature of the proposal for the PAN and subsequently on the precise nature of the development with all its implications.

Clearly development cannot be halted, but it is therefore essential that we are involved as plans develop and, beyond this, how these plans are implemented.

Certain Delivery Company trucks, in convoy, have recently been observed using Cammo Road from Turnhouse Airport Cargo terminal to bypass traffic induced delays on Maybury Road and the Barnton junction.

Whilst this may be understandable it is quite unreasonable to use what is, to a truck, a single track road with few ‘passing places’.
This was a major concern when CRA objected to the development proposals for Cammo fields.

It is also of concern that development proposals have consistently included closing the section of Cammo Walk leading to Craigs Road to vehicular traffic thus forcing users onto the very section of Cammo Walk now being used as a ‘rat run’.

And this is what we are assured is ‘traffic planning’.  I fear residents may well have a different opinion.
And as for 20 MPH !!  Ah, well you see at 7.30 am there is no one else on the road …

18th October 2017


Should any resident have photos of this ‘convoy’ system in operation, we would appreciate getting a copy (email is OK).

7th November 2017

PC Steven McGill, a Crime Prevention Officer in the PIP (Prevention Interventions & Partnerships) team will conduct this event.
We should also have one of our local community PCs in attendance, and the local community police team lead Police Sergeant  Richard Homewood will attend if duties permit.

The topics PC Steven McGill will cover include :        

and we expect plenty of discussion from questions and concerns raised by attendees.

This event is aimed at residents in Davidson's Mains, Silverknowes, Barnton, Cammo and Cramond, and was suggested by the police in response to some housebreaking crime across these areas in recent months.

Police Home Security Event:

7-9pm on Tuesday 28 November

at Holy Cross Church Hall in Davidson's Mains

Many thanks to Holy Cross Church for offering the use of the Hall free of charge for the event: there will be a collection box for those of us who wish to make a donation towards the running costs of the Hall.

CRA have been advised of the event detailed below which is likely to be of interest to all residents.

13th November 2017


We hear that these two events were well attended.  
However the developers have decided, possibly in response to a request by CRA, to make the presentation material available to all by posting it on their, CALA, website.

A direct link to this material is given on the Home page of this site.
If you missed it ….. Here it is again.

PLEASE NOTE … There is no mention of a closing date for comments on the CALA web site form BUT the paper comment form available at the presentation clearly shows the date shown below.


 Cramond and Barnton Community Council invites feed-back from CRA members on the information provided at the pre-application exhibition and on the developers’ website https://www.cala.co.uk/land-and-planning/planning-applications/cammo-fields. (Link provided below ‘view presentation)

In its role as statutory representative for the community, the Community Council will be discussing the proposals at its public meeting on Thursday 16 November at 19.30 at Cramond Kirk Halls and forwarding the community’s concerns and comments to the developers and City Council.

Please send any comments to cramton17@gmail.com, as soon as possible.



CRA contacted developers and closing date for comments is now 4th December 2017

14th November 2017


CRA contacted developers and closing date for comments is now 4th December 2017


Cramond & Barnton Community Council have prepared a Discussion Paper titled


This Paper presents opportunities for easing traffic congestion and enhancing safety in the vicinity of Barnton Junction and its Maybury Road and Whitehouse Road approaches. It has been prepared to encourage the City of Edinburgh Council to amend road layouts and traffic management measures, and, thereby, improve traffic capacity, flows and safety, and reduce congestion costs and inconvenience, which will increase significantly as a result of further housing and business development in West Edinburgh and beyond.

Quote from Introduction to paper

This document has been circulated and the Committee feel that CRA should give their support to the recommendations contained in the paper.

Accordingly our decision will be communicated to the Community Council.

16th November 2017

CAMMO WALK - Vehicle access or not ?

There are significant concerns regarding planning intentions for Cammo Walk as a vehicular access/egress from the existing Cammo and Strathalmond housing.

We are aware of an increase in heavy traffic using the western Cammo Walk to access/exit from the freight terminal at Turnhouse Airport.
We are therefore concerned about any changes to the Cammo Walk connection to Craigs Road.

Accordingly CRA have written to the CEC Director of Transport seeking clarification of the planning intentions for this section of of Cammo Walk.

A copy of the letter may be viewed from this link    


24th November 2017


Advisory letters have been sent out by Edinburgh Council on this issue, giving, in broad outline, the proposed changes.VIEW NOW

The letter may be read by clicking on the VIEW NOW button.    

Full details of the proposals are available on the Council website at:

Many parents residing in the South West of Edinburgh could be affected by these proposed changes and, in addition, those who may consider moving into the proposed housing developments in Cammo fields and Maybury may wish also to take this into account.

BBC Scotland viewers may also have seen their item on this subject.


Strange how East and West appears to confuse some folks … and as for Fife and Midlothian ..

23rd November 2017

CAMMO WALK - Council Intentions regarding Cammo Walk.

At the recent Developers consultation presentation event it was repeatedly stated that any changes to the status of Cammo Walk were entirely under the control of Edinburgh Council.
These statements related to the South going part of Cammo Walk leading to Craigs Road and to the junction with Maybury Road.

However there is great concern as to the Council intentions concerning the South Westerly part of Cammo Walk leading to the intersection of Cammo Walk and Turnhouse Road at the Airport Cargo Terminal.

This section of roadway has recently seen a considerable increase in heavy goods vehicle traffic travelling North apparently in an attempt to avoid congestion at both Maybury and Barnton junctions.
This increase has also had an adverse effect Cammo Gardens which, I am sure the Council will recognise as very recently having been designated a 20 mph zone.

Residents on Cammo Walk are rightly concerned.  Both they and Cammo Residents Association have repeatedly expressed objections to traffic planning intentions for Cammo Walk and for what is described as ‘mitigation measures’ at Maybury Junction that are very likely to adversely alter the traffic flows on alternate routes to Maybury Road.

None of the proposed alterations to Maybury Road associated with the Cammo Fields development will improve the situation:  in fact their effect will be quite contrary.

28th November 2017



An item in Edinburgh Evening News makes interesting reading since it appears to relate to the establishment of a new secondary school ‘west of Maybury’.

The possible location of this new school is marked as Option 1 and Option 2 (coloured BLUE) on the map titled ‘..school catchment areas and locations’
You can view this map directly by clicking the VIEW MAP button below.
The map and the associated documents comes from the Council web site - link shown below titled www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolsreview

You can read the Evening News item by clicking on READ NOW


5th December 2017


As a consequence of the concerns expressed by residents of Cammo Grove and Cammo Gardens adjacent to Maybury Road regarding the uncertainty over the precise boundary of the development site, the developers promised to carry out a survey and marking exercise.

This has now been completed and RED PAINTED POSTS have been placed at intervals to mark the boundary of the development site.

We were advised that coloured tape would be strung between the posts.
Where there was no tape it could be that there was an encroachment on the development site;  most likely the result of hedging (or trees).

However there is always the possibility that there has been a significant encroachment.

We recommend that residents check their boundary with Cammo Fields …..

Where garden refuse (grass cuttings, hedge cuttings etc) constitutes the encroachment ……
Clearing up is therefore an issue that remains to be considered.

Regardless the marking out will provide reassurance to many but possibly not so for a few.

CRA will continue discussing these matters with the developers.

7th January 2018

Sadly we are now at the point where residents and developers interests may really clash.
This applies ONLY to those residing on the South side of Cammo Grove and  the eastern end of Cammo Gardens who will have received a reminder note from Christine Shaw, Secretary to CRA, advising that residents should carefully check their title deeds and the relationship between these and the boundary markers recently placed  (on the basis of a satelite based survey) by the developers.

It is likely that there will be a difference of opinion where residents believe that the developers survey encroaches on the boundary of the residents title deeds.


30th March 2018


As mentioned on the Home Page, CRA have attended an update meeting with Cala and David Wilson Homes.

For detail of this meeting see below.

Should you wish to print this document you may use the View/PRINT button here.

Cammo Residents Association

Notes from the meeting with Cala and David Wilson Homes, Mid New Cultins, Edinburgh.

on Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 5.00pm


Sally Chalmers
Christine Shaw
Sue Warwick

Gavin Pope , Cala
Nicholas Wright, Wilson Barrett

1  Initial Discussions

This meeting was for the developers to show what changes they had made to the planning application which is likely to be submitted to Edinburgh City Planning within the next month. These changes are based on the comments from residents which were made at the consultation meeting in Cramond Kirk hall.


The layout of the building along Maybury Road has been changed to give a more staggered feel.

There will be a wide pedestrian and cycle path within the development, along Maybury road. This will be one path for both, with likely demarcation of the pedestrian and cyclist section.

There are currently two pedestrian crossings in the plan, at each end of the development with access to the path through East Craigs. The council are pushing for a third crossing half way between but this is felt to be unnecessary and would merely cause more air pollution.

Maybury Road will no longer be an arterial road but “a street” with pedestrian lights and crossings along it and at most a 30mph limit. It is possible it may go down to 20mph.

There is a bus turning area at the north east end of the plan. Lothian buses have been asked to contribute to the design of the turning circle.

The developers will have to contribute to the running cost of a bus from the new estate south to the Gyle etc for five years. Whether or not the bus will continue after that time period is dependent on how much it is used.

There will be a 5 metre landscaped area between the existing gardens and the new gardens along the length of Cammo Grove and the relevant section of Cammo Gardens. This will be maintained by a factor.

The new houses will be at least 2 metres lower than the level of the existing houses.

There will be a footpath from the new development across Cammo Walk to give access to the Cammo Estate. We expressed concern as the current plan shows the footpath entering Cammo Walk just before the dangerous bend with no direct access to the Cammo Estate. We were assured this would be investigated to ensure safely.

The plan shows 656 dwellings, 25% of them “affordable”

40% of the site is green space!

The houses will be bespoke, designed to suit the area and different from other Cala developments.

The most popular suggestion for the community centre is for a children’s nursery. This would also leave general community space. This has not been finalised and will be dependent on need and staffing etc.

Cala will contribute to the suggested changes to the Barnton junction which will hopefully ease traffic flow!

The planning application will be submitted to council in April. Residents will have the opportunity to make representations on the plan and CRA will ensure distribution of the relevant information.

Prepared by Christine Shaw



13th April 2018


An attempt was made by a group of hooded, cycle riding youths to break into a property on Cammo Grove in the early hours of Wednesday 11th April.

Fortunately a neighbour who was awake saw the attempt in progress and called the police.

One of the group was apprehended.

There is no way of knowing if this is an isolated incident and so, if you reside in the Cammo or Strathalmond area,  it would be wise to review your security arrangements and also to keep a watch for any suspicious activity.

Advice and guidance may be found using the following link :



The Developers have confirmed their intention to submit a planning application by late April.

We will of course advise of any opportunity to make representation and/or to view plans or documents using the Planning Department section of the Council web site.

Please note that the Ref. No. for the new application will be different to previous ones.

19th April 2018


We have received the following advisory from the Developer (I quote);

With regards to the site at Cammo (HSG20) I wanted to drop you a brief line to bring you up to speed with upcoming works.

As of the week commencing 23rd April we will be progressing with Archaeological works across the site and this scope of work will encompass a site wide survey in accordance with the extent and scope of works recommended by City of Edinburgh Council Archaeology Service.
These works are likely to last around 4 weeks.

We are conscious that you may get inquiries relating to any activity on-site and therefore wanted to ensure you were kept up to date.


In relation to the Planning Application, it is our intention to submit within the next week. Once the Application has been registered and has a reference number I will drop you a note with the relevant details.

CALA/Barratt David Wilson Homes.

CRA will of course ensure that residents are informed of the Planning Application reference number etc.

5th May 2018

Cammo Fields Development.

The Edinburgh Evening News published a short piece on the submission of the Developers Planning Application.

The article includes several artists impressions, presumably courtesy of the developer.

Read Link ..   CLICK HERE

7th May 2018


The Edinburgh Evening News article on this development is worth a read.

Read link - CLICK HERE

9th May 2018


The Planning Application for Cammo fields, lodged by CALA and David Wilson Homes has now been registered and a Reference Number assigned.

There are some 232 supporting documents, both text and plans, together with other information all of which may be viewed from the Planning Portal.

To access this data you need the Reference Number which is   18/01755/FUL

You may visit the portal by using the GO THERE NOW button shown below.  


We strongly recommend that residents of the Cammo and Strathalmond areas pay great attention to the information available.  
This development will have a very considerable effect on all of us for a long, long time !

Closing Date for Comments …   8th June  (21 day period)

The anticipated Determination date is shown as 31st August.

Of particular interest to those properties backing onto the development are the following -
                    Landscape Plan (layout of buildings, roads etc.);
                    Boundary Treatments plan (particularly the Northern Boundary);
                    Tree Removals Plan.

If you need it the following is the web address of the planning portal:

14th May 2018


Lib Dem Councillors Kevin Lang and Louise Young have raised a petition offering the opportunity to object to the granting of planning permission for this development.

The petition may be accessed by going to their web site using the link below:


They also offer a standard letter of objection.

17th May 2018


A recent communication from CEC Planning & Building Standards advises that an Environmental Statement has been submitted  and that ‘you have 28 days from the date of the letter to make further representations.’
The date of the communication was 11th May 2018.

The communication states that ‘A copy of the environmental assessment can be purchased etc’.
We would point out that all relevant information is available to view on the Planning portal.

It is a very comprehensive document and is worthy of close scrutiny particularly since it includes Traffic, Pollution and Noise impact assessments.

For those who did not receive the communication and may wish to purchase a copy the following is the address:

EMA Architecture and Design,
42 Charlotte Square,

13th June 2018


Comments recorded in the Planning web site have, at the most recent count, reached 237. On the site you can only see who registered the comment and when but NOT any detail of the actual comment itself.

For those who have not recently ‘browsed’ the Planning site, there have been 30 odd new documents added to the list available to view.

A number of these are of particular interest to residents whose property backs onto the development area.

There is also a Planning Processing Agreement recording the key steps, in date order, involved in reaching the point where approval or rejection can be decided.

There are two documents, raised by the Cramond & Barnton Community Council, which are worthy of close attention since they record many of the concerns raised by CRA.  
CBCC are a statutory consultee and this adds considerable weight to their response.

To make it simpler to read these two documents, they may be read directly from this page using the links below.  (Note these links are to pages within our web site .. They do NOT lead outside! ).  You may of course view these from the Planning portal.

Community Council - Further Request for Deferral.  Dated 24th May

Community Council - Response to consultation on Environmental Impact Assessment.  Dated 25th May

21st June 2018

From: Evidence & Flooding Advice Helpdesk <advice@sepa.org.uk>

Subject: Your SEPA E&F Advice Enquiry has been closed. Call Ref: [G:0128060]

Date: 18 June 2018 at 10:50:20 BST

To: <c.h.shaw@blueyonder.co.uk>

Hi Christine,

Thank you for sending over the photographs showing the flood extent that you have witnessed.

The photos correspond to the flood extent shown by our Flood Maps and also by the Flood Risk Assessment undertaken for the site.

Please find attached SEPA's response to the proposed development which has been submitted to the council.

We are satisfied that the flood extent shown, and the proposed development, will not be built within the functional floodplain and therefore will not increase flood risk to yourself or other properties.

This confirms your enquiry - Cammo Fields North West Edinburgh has now been closed.

SEPA Response to Environmental Impact Assessment

On close perusal of this response document, CRA have become concerned over several matters and had taken steps to seek clarification.  The following text describes what has been done and where possible describes the outcome.

From: "Christine" <c.h.shaw@blueyonder.co.uk>

To: "Kevin Lang" <kevin.lang@edinburgh.gov.uk>

Sent: 19/06/2018 09:45:08

Subject: Cammo Fields

Good morning Kevin

You know that Cammo Resident Association has been fighting hard to protect the Cammo fields from development. We are now past that stage and hope to mitigate the effects of the housing.
I recently contacted SEPA with concerns about the flood risk. They say they have assessed the risk of increased flooding and none exists, although it is hard to imagine how so much hard landscaping will not divert water to already flooded areas.

We have some other concerns and wonder if you would be best placed to take these forward for us? Please see the letter attached.

*  Ask for a meeting with SNH on landscape setting following their outrageous comment on this. Also asking why appropriate surveys have not yet been undertaken in respect of protected and endangered species.

*  Ask CEC why key aspects of the Environmental Assessment as identified at the Screening – Scoping Stages have not been complied with

*  Respond to Historic Environment Scotland

*  Get  guarantees from CEC Transport on junction improvements as advocated by CBCC.

*  We are also very concerned about the rerouting of the Bughtlin Burn

I have attached the letter sent to CEC by SEPA regarding the development, some of which we find very concerning!  (SEPA Response to Planning Application)

I look forward to hearing from you

Christine Shaw

For Cammo Residents Association


Following the recent very heavy rains Christine Shaw, CRA Secretary, emailed a number of photographs showing the locations and extents of flooding in the Western area of the proposed development site.

The response is shown below.


On behalf of CRA, Christine also contacted Kevin Lang, Councillor representing the local communities of the Almond ward on Edinburgh City Council, seeking assistance in taking these concerns forward.

The email is shown below.

We await a response.

11th July 2018

Queensferry Road & Quality Street road works.

As promised, Scottish Power completed the Quality Street section of the works sufficient to restore the No. 41 bus service to its traditional route on the 5th June (Oops ..)  5th July .

Unfortunately this has led to work commencing on the ‘joining up’ of the Quality Street and Clermiston Road North works.
This is estimated to be complete by the 28th July.

Significant delays are being reported during the busier times of the day.

18/01755/FUL - Planning Portal Document List additions

Several new documents have been added to the list (now stands at 276) some of which are of interest to residents of Cammo, Strathalmond and Bughtlin.

Three of these are mentioned below:

This covers issues both within the proposed development and, of more immediate concern to us, the proposed changes of Maybury Road.

The document offers an interesting insight into the interpretation of various planning policies relating to transport issues and controls over provision for parking within the development.

This is a 6 page document and is well worth close attention.

Again this is worth reading since it relates to various aspects of the possible changes to Maybury Road.

Interesting only because it describes the outcome of all the trench digging that went on during April and June of this year.


From: Alan Dean
Sent: 04 June 2018 15:39

To: Nicola Orr

Cc: Stuart Lowrie

Subject: Cammo - Public Transport Response

Hi Nicola,

The formal response to the Cammo development consultation is as follows:

It is our view that local bus operators see no commercial benefit from extending a bus service into

the development site. The developer, therefore, should engage with the bus operators in order to

better understand what provision they can make to enhance the attractiveness of public transport

to the new residents. As a minimum, the design of the development should include high quality,

safe, and direct pedestrian links to the existing public transport infrastructure in order to make it as

convenient as possible for residents to access current services in the area.



Alan Dean: Transport Officer: Public Transport and Infrastructure: Transport Policy &

Planning | Place | The City of Edinburgh Council | Level G4, Waverley Court, 4 East

Market Street, EH8 8BG | T: 0131 529 7519 | E: alan.dean@edinburgh.gov.uk


One item in particular seems to have slipped in under the radar so to speak and relates to the provision of new and/or extended bus services serving the proposed development.

Also of potentially great interest to residents of Cammo and Strathalmond in particular.

28th November 2018


After a prolonged period of inactivity the Cammo Fields development comes alive.

You will doubtless remember that, ‘way back, an amended planning application was to be submitted and was to be judged upon on or about the 5th December.
There has been no indication as to why a revised application was deemed necessary and I guess speculation abounded.

Cramond and Barnton Community Council advise that they will be able to inform on this amended plan for Cammo fields.


A new planning application for the area to the south of the Cammo Fields development has been submitted although much of the area involved did not appear on the LDP 2 as scheduled for development.

As you will see below, CBCC will also be providing information on this at their Planning Exhibition.

Clearly both these items deserve our close attention and we can only but advise, most strongly, that residents take full advantage of this opportunity by attending one or the other of these exhibitions.


For Interest only …

Southfield Roundabout

Cammo Walk

Boundary with Cammo Fields

Council Tip & Composting Station

Craigs Road

Well  … guess how many houses in this area??  
Certainly at least as many as planned for Cammo Fields.
However a planning application for 300 houses just south of this was refused because of the unacceptable impact on traffic congestion at Maybury.

12th January 2019

We hope that the festive season was good to you all

and that 2019 will turn out to be better that some predict.


In going through the documents available, Cammo residents may wish to view the following:

- Background Papers - Design Access Statement PT01 through PT05.
        - Phasing Plan (build where in what order)
        - Visulisations -  

 There is much more if you have time, but mostly it relates to the new development with little or no mention of the plans for the boundary with existing housing in Cammo.

PLEASE NOTE ………….  The CLOSING DATE for SUBMISSIONS is Sunday 21st February.


26th January 2019

A wee reminder  ………….  The CLOSING DATE for SUBMISSIONS is Sunday 21st February.

Planning Ref:  18/01755/FUL


The poster on the left was issued by Cramond and Barnton Community Council.

Please take heed ………….

There is bound to be a considerable adverse influence on the traffic using Queensferry Road and Maybury Road.

It will be interesting to see how traffic from the development can be arranged to cross Queensferry Road and go towards Edinburgh.

Hey ho .. Perhaps this is where joined up thinking by planners may solve potential problems …………


Closing Date for comments

24th February 2019

Updates to 46 of the original documents have been lodged with the CEC Planning Portal for 18/01755/FUL
and are now available to view.

Comments may be submitted on line using the Portal.

31st January 2019




Proposals for two major residential developments, at sites immediately adjacent to Maybury Road, are currently progressing through the planning process. Subject to the necessary consents, work on both developments is expected to commence within the next two years. These developments will introduce an urban frontage on the west side of Maybury Road along much of its length.

Both developments are identified in the Council’s Local Development Plan (LDP) and there are a series of associated transport actions for Maybury Road contained in the LDP Action Programme. These include the introduction of several new traffic signal controlled junctions and pedestrian crossings, improved facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport and reducing the speed limit to 30mph.


The following is some of the information from the Edinburgh City Council information portal relating to viewing or commenting on Traffic Orders.

This may be viewed directly by using the link shown below :


This Traffic Order closes for comment on the 15th February.

To keep things simple, we have replicated the essential information below.

I guess this means that you’ll be able to join the queue in front a few seconds later !

But I do hope it will benefit those of us who exit Cammo in a southerly direction (beware the dreaded ‘outside laners’  and perhaps even for those turning left.

Hope springs eternal …..